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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Gozira was invented by Ishiro Honda in his 1954 film entitled Godzilla, and received a 93% rating from Rotten Tomatoes reviewers.  Here is an interesting 81 minute presentation in English of that first film.  Since then there have been at least 27 sequels and remakes, the most recent in 2014, where Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave it a not so bad 74% rating.  Guinness  recognizes the effort as the longest continuously running movie franchise.  Toho is planning a 2016 release of the latest version,  this one to crush the American copycats, something to do with reclaiming from America a metaphor for the nuclear bomb dropped on Japan.  A U.S. studio is proceeding with yet another attempt for 2018.

Who is Godzilla, anyway?  Well, according to the script, Castle Bravo, a Hydrogen Bomb detonated by the USA at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, woke up a prehistoric beast which was part T-Rex and whale, with a touch of gorilla.  A Japanese fishing boat was drenched with radiation, which reminded the country of the nuclear holocaust experienced by Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

How perfect, then, for Honda to create Godzilla as a nuclear nightmare, which Fukushima more recently re-triggered.  Just this week, Vancouver, Canada detected Cesium-134 on its shores.  Nuclear scientists say the continuing leakage into the ocean from Fukushima is the source.  Nuclear fallout took only a few days.  Ocean transmission took four years.   And, yes, the Fukushima reactors are still leaking radiated water into the ocean. What of the future?

Certainly makes odd sense, then, that Shinjuku Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi this past week named Godzilla a tourism ambassador.  The real monster was around 400 feet tall, so this man-sized model, the one used in the film (computers can do wonders), accepted the role.

How many monsters have a song, here by Blue Oyster Cult. Incredibly enough, eccentric parents have named their child Godzilla, with males 1.4 times more prominent.  Interestingly:

The popularity of Godzilla is: 3.602 
(where 0 = extremely rare, 6 = super popular)  

Patrick has a 6.282 rating, Kenji 4.348 and Honolulu 2.916. Alas, I've lost total control of this posting, and was a click away from trashing it, but, heck, I detect a few moderately redeeming virtues, so let me end with Godzilla 2014 destroying Waikiki,

I drove all the way to Ko Olina to see Michelle Wie defend her title at the Lotte Golf Championship:

I still think Michelle needs to have another total makeover of her putting.  I happen to see her on the putting green:

The player who most impressed me was Sue Kim of Canada.  On the 11th hole, she hit the ball to a point 15 yards off the green, a par 4 with a distance of 355 yards.  Thus with a favorable oblique wind, she drove more than 300 yards.  She is now in 24th place with a minus 1 score, and is all of 5 ft 1 inch tall.

Of course, I also take photos of attractions such as two black swans:

And orange bougainvillea:

No great surprise that five golfers from South Korea are at the top of the tournament, led by another Kim, I.K.  How perfect for Lotte, now a conglomerate.  Five of the top current LPGA players are from Korea (Lydia Ko was born there and Michelle Wie's parents come from that country).  I once regularly stayed at their hotel in Seoul.  Competition started today, a Wednesday, because Korea is on the other side of the International Dateline, and the final day of play, Saturday here, will be Sunday there.


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