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Thursday, April 2, 2015


American Idol last night featured their first winner, Kelly Clarkson (to the left in 2002), who mentored  the finalists this past week and sang a few of her songs.  She is, well, getting fat, to the right.  Best as I can tell, her Body Mass Index is close to 26, which makes her overweight.  If she were much older, that would not be an issue, as my posting recently reported.  By her own admission, weight is the reason she can't find a boyfriend, blaming a diet of potato chips and candy bars.  But she has vowed to lose 25 pounds before her tour beginning in less than two months, which would place her in the middle of the normal range.

This is the 14th year of American Idol.  Ratings are down.  Maybe there's hope for America, as Big Bag Theory continues to rate #1, to NCIS and Sunday night NFL football.  Justin Guarini, who placed #2 to Clarkson, has survived in entertainment, with a few songs, broadway shows and recently starring in a Diet Dr Pepper as "Lil' Sweet."  He sings and has a normal BMI.

An American is now the oldest person in the world, 116-year old Gertrude Weaver (left) of Arkansas.  She is the 7th eldest ever.  Unfortunately, there is nothing official about her birth, and she celebrates July 4th only because her family thought that was patriotic.  There are now only four left who were born in the 1800's, all women, and three from the USA.  Oldest ever was Jeanne Calment of France, who died in 1997 at the age of 122.  The top ten oldest ever humans were all female.

Changing genders, how many of you knew, or care, that Rob Manfred earlier this year replaced Bud Selig (who served for almost a quarter century) as commissioner of Major League Baseball?  I bring this topic up because I am into fantasy baseball, and the season starts on Sunday with the St Louis Cardinals playing the Chicago Cubs.  The World Series will take baseball into November.  I still can't believe I will spend too much time managing my five teams and waste more than a hundred hours of my time watching games on TV.

Tomorrow, a simple solution to the water crisis faced in California, and, actually, too, much of the nation and world.

Former Super Typhoon Maysak is down to 120 MPH, weakening, and will make landfall this weekend north of Manila:


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