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Monday, April 6, 2015


While Major League Baseball began last night with the St Louis Cardinals beating the Chicago Cubs 3-0, the real season starts today, all on ESPN and your home team channels.  I count 7 games on my Oceanic stations.  I happen to be managing five fantasy baseball teams.  Click on my March 10 posting to read the details.

That is sufficient reason to spend a vacation day at home so you can indulge yourself.  In Hawaii, from 7AM to 7PM.  Yes, twelve straight hours.  Plus, during commercials, you can switch to the High Definition Major League Baseball Network (1208 on Oceanic) to follow the banter and analysis.  For Game One today, Toronto at New York with two national anthems and Alex Rodriguez introduced as #13:

First inning: Masahiro Tanaka struck out two Blue Jays with sinkers in the low 80's.  The speed of each pitch in miles/hour is shown in the bottom right box.  Yankees lost...but 13 more games to go.  Colorado went crazy at Milwaukee and scored ten runs.  I have a lot of Rockies because their home park is the hitting-est in the game.

Of course, I'm retired, so I can indulge without guilt.  Yet, I'll probably sneak-in a round of golf to balance my day, just so that I'm back for the NCAA basketball championship game between Wisconsin and Duke, which begins at 9:18PM EDT, or 3:18PM in Hawaii.  Wisconsin is favored, but in December, Duke beat Wisconsin by 10.

Tomorrow night at 8:30PM EDT Connecticut meets Notre Dame for the women's championship.  Connecticut easily beat ND this  season (at ND) and will almost surely three-peat for the national championship.  Interesting, though, that ND has won 3 of 5 times in the Final Four.  Connecticut is not unbeatable, as there was a loss to Stanford early in the season.

There are four ocean storms, two in the West Pacific and two in the Indian Ocean, but only one, Tropical Cyclone 22, shows any potential threat. There is a strange track that goes west, then south east, becoming a Category 2 storm, providing anxious moments to Mauritius and Reunion, but mostly skimming past a safe distance away, only to head for Rodriguez:

Hopefully, these islands will all escape serious damage.  But, you never know.


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