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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


First, this is 1 April 2015, which means you need to be heedful of anything that appears to be idiotic from the media and your friends.  The Guardian reported a few such pranks. In one, the discoverer of the Higgs Boson now confirms the validity of the Force, as from Star Wars:

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider just recently started testing the accelerator for running at the higher energy of 13 TeV, and already they have found new insights into the fundamental structure of the universe. Though four fundamental forces  – the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity – have been well documented and confirmed in experiments over the years, CERN announced today the first unequivocal evidence for the Force. “Very impressive, this result is,” said a diminutive green spokesperson for the laboratory.

On the more rational front, I've long been on James Hansen's mailing list, an individual I met a long time ago, and who is now retired from his climate change leadership role at NASA Goddard.  Yesterday I received his notice that global warming is here:

He said that if you're older than 80, last month was the coldest February of your life if you lived in New York City.  He went on to say that 2015 will be the warmest on record.

Well, my postings have been rather lengthy recently, so I'll just end here and pass on Jim Hansen's message for you to digest.

Super Typhoon Maysak at 150 MPH is continuing to slightly weaken, and will strike the Philippines this weekend sufficiently north of Manila such that the capital will not be seriously impacted, if computer models prevail:


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