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Friday, May 16, 2014

TRANSITIONS: Part 3--Intermediate School

The transition from elementary to intermediate was threatening.  While I was merely afraid of the unknown when I began kindergarten, there was a fearful aspect to moving on to the 7th grade.  Central Intermediate School was a trying three-year period for me:
  • I remember walking  a mile or more to school in bare feet.  Can't imagine how I survived that.  
  • There were regular fights, which I fortunately managed to avoid.  I got mildly bullied and hijacked by Bear Boy and  his gang, but maybe for all of a dollar total over those years.  The fear factor was there, though, and I was relieved when I much later learned that he passed away, although from all reports, he had turned out reasonably okay in adulthood.
  • I recall taking an assessment test in the eighth grade, where I did well in math, but scored in the bottom 10th percentile in my verbal ability.  This means more than 90% of those taking this test scored better than me.
  • The only good thing I could remember about those three years was tasting for the first time honeydew melon.
  • When Michelle Wie astounded the golf world with her golfing prowess at these middle school ages, I could only shrink at my relative ineptitude and hopelessness.  At the age of 11 she was driving the ball 280 yards.  Although my driving yesterday at the Paradise Valley Golf Course was probably my best ever  And, I was the low net score for the day, winning a lot of money.  Well, maybe a few dollars, anyway.  However, we both went to Stanford.
There is a lot of history to this campus, located just mauka (towards the mountain) of downtown Honolulu:
  • Bernice Pauahi Bishop lived on this land before it became a school.  The Bishop Estate, of course, is the dominant charitable mover-shaker in the State.
  • In 1895 this plot of land became the campus for Honolulu High School.
  • In 1907, it was renamed McKinley High School, and moved to its current site next to Thomas Square.
  • Central Grammar School then took over this location, and in 1927 became Central Junior High School.
  • Finally came Central Intermediate School in 1932, which was adjusted to Central Middle School (8th and 9th grades only) after I left.
So far, these transitions have not done much for me.  They just added to the stress level without my being wise enough to take advantage of changing conditions.


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