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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Return tomorrow for my continuing transition.  

Today, well,  I'm actually in Vacaville, and the following news items are only in the general area of this part of California, and one is, it turns out, from another state, for let me start with this amazing footage of Tara, the gray cat, saving a 4--year old boy from a vicious dog:

This occurred in Bakersfield...but the state of Indiana.  The cat was the boy's pet and was half the size of the dog.  It is reported that the dog will be euthanized in ten days.

Otherwise, this area is experiencing record high temperatures in the range of 100 F.  And we'll be golfing from 10:30 AM to 3 PM!

Actually, it is hotter in Southern California where there are some serious wildfires whipped up by Santa Ana winds.

Interestingly enough, the high for the USA today is 102 F in the city of Santa Ana.

And speaking of hot, the latest news come from two independent studies about global warming causing potentially serious ocean level rise.  While 3/10 of an inch does not seem like much each year, by the year 2100 the current speculation is that major cities like New York City will need to spend tens of billions.  Read this National Geographic report.

Miami?  It is doomed:

If you expected wine stories today, perhaps later in the week.  I don't leave for Honolulu until next Monday.


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