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Friday, May 9, 2014


The Crystal Symphony cruised past Kauai and veered into Honolulu Harbor into her Pier 2 berth, with Diamond Head in view.  Normally, I would check through immigration and leave the ship as soon as possible.  However, I thought, why rush, so I had a three salmon lunch with a Chardonnay and Cabernet:

Then toasted goodbye in the lounge with a Glenfiddich:

I forgot that duty free for one person was $800, and I had spent $1100 for things.  However, for reasons that elude me, the two customs officials apparently did not want to charge me for the $300 differential, so found reasons to delete clothes and a watch as dutiable, and passed me through for free.  Maybe they were rewarding me for being honest.

I then caught a cab to 15 Craigside, my home for  the rest of my life.  I still haven't had a chance to complete the move, and now also have a month of newspapers to read:

But I'll have a lifetime to read them and get unpacked from the trip and move.  Unfortunately, in three days, I'm off to Napa for a week of golf.

I did have a chance to glance at my month of mail, and opened one from the Internal Revenue Service.  For two years now they have been communicating with me about some expenses I filed for to develop the Blue Revolution and conduct research during my travels to write a few more books.  First Customs, and now my friendly government tax office, which informed me that they were withdrawing their concern, and for me to go on with my life just as I have been doing.  You can't imagine the relief, for the financial burden would have been huge over a ten year period into the future.  We have justice and freedom in our country.

In the meantime, tomorrow my posting will be entitled:  SHORTER PEOPLE LIVE LONGER!


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