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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MUFA Day#30: Life on the Crystal Symphony

My Ultimate Fantasy Adventure, Day#30, features what I have doing on the Crystal Symphony.  Simply:
  • slept a lot
  • ate great cuisine
  • drunk free alcoholic beverages to excess
  • learned swing, fox trot, cha-cha and waltz, making me now not quite yet adequate in ballroom dancing
  • promenaded
  • attended lectures on the American Revolutionary War, from from an Englishman's standpoint, and on Great Ocean Liners
  • closed the casino at 2 AM
  • closed Palm Court at 12:45 PM
  • closed Avenue Saloon at 2 AM
  • closed Avenue Saloon at 4:15 AM
  • closed the Luxe Disco twice, at 2 AM
  • closed the Luxe karaoke night at 12:30 AM
All the above in photos, beginning with a fish and chips lunch in the main dining room, followed by Asahi beer, cold sake and sochu on rocks at Nobu's Silk Road and a lot more:

On the way out, saw our two featured entertainers (Mark Merchant, ventriloquist, and Ian Cooper, violinist) dining together, so had a photo taken with them:

Closing the disco for the night really doesn't mean much, for this night I was the only one there, all night:

I just enjoy being surrounded by 80's disco music with blinking and changing colored lights.  The karaoke night was similarly lacking in competition.  Those on this cruise are kind of old, including me, but I decided to sleep late and wake up just before lunch so I could miss a meal every day.

But into the next day, let me start with a fancy lunch buffet of lobsters, sushi, prime rib, a chocolate fountain and whole lot more:

I had one of those Chateau bordeaux and Sapporo beer with my portions:

Dinners were also extravagant.  With Joyce and David, a couple from Hawaii now on their 70+ cruise. The last time I saw them, Pearl and I were on a Panama Canal cruise with them:

With Dave and Sam from Calgary, tasting their special red wine, which was a Marbec from Argentina:

Dinner with Kazue and Joe at their table:

They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, and are from Japan, but live part time in Hawaii.  My salmon:

Joe singing with Tsuyako, also from Japan:

Joe and I also did a duet of My Way.

Of course, there are night club shows each night, here Route 66, performing all my favorites from the 60's into the 80's:

Karen Grainger was fabulous as Cher and Celine and...14 others:

There is a promenade deck at a little over a quarter mile per lap.  Today I walked for an hour and probably covered 3 miles.  Actually, I rested for part of this period to watch the ocean recede at 30 miles per hour.  Very relaxing.  I might have even slept.  So, probably two miles, which was a first for me on this cruise.


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