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Sunday, May 11, 2014


RT is a film review aggregator, and its name comes from the cliche of audiences throwing rotten tomatoes at poor performances.  Senh Duong created RT in 1998 in his spare time, but is now owned by Warner Brothers. 

I counted 117 films receiving a 100% reviewer rating.  I don't recall any recent film at 100%.  I couldn't believe that these films gained 100%:

I didn't make a full check, but I think all of these above are DOCUMENTARIES, except for In Fear, a UK film, which, when I checked, only got 85%/42% ratings, and Stranger by the Lake, a French drama I did not know even existed, that received 94%/69% ratings.  So something is clearly wrong with that 100% RT Wikipedia list.

The first three 100%ers were The Birth of a Nation in 1915, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in 1920 and The Kid in 1921.  Over the years, the following got 100%:
  • 1931 Frankenstein
  • 1935 Top Hat
  • 1939 Gone with the Wind
  • 1940 Pinocchio
  • 1941 Citizen Kane, 1941 The Maltese Falcon
  • 1944 Meet Me in St Louis
  • 1949 The Third Man
  • 1950 Rashomon
  • 1954 On the Waterfront
  • 1954 Seven Samurai
  • 1957 Sayonara
  • 1959 North By Northwest
  • 1972 The Godfather
  • 1983 Zelig
  • 1995 Toy Story 2
  • 2008 Man on Wire
RT has to readjust its reviewers ratings, as now only mostly documentaries can  attain 100%.  In the past, none did.

I will go to a couple of films later today, and will review them here or in my posting tomorrow.


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