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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I returned from my Napa golf trip and was greeted by the blooming of Pearl's sunburst:

Two days later, I flew to Hilo via Waikiki and Diamond Head:

Landed in Hilo and took a cab to the Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, rated the best in that town.  It is in transition looking for better days, as the property was recently purchased by a local hui.  Today, not so good.  Old and there was no wireless working for my computer during the entire stay.  My view would have been ideal if not for those clouds, as there is Coconut Island, Hilo Bay, where Hokulea and Hikianalia (left) are now moored, and Mauna Kea in the background:

Pearl's brother James picked me up, and his wife Gwen was very helpful in the planning.  Unfortunately, it was drizzling for Pearl's Gold Tree planting, orchestrated by Councilman Fresh Onishi, Pearl's cousin.  He was off to Alaska or somewhere, but his brother Win was there and the planning was perfect:

Another of Pearl's cousin, Nancy Kelly, presided.  A long time ago they worked for Senator Spark Matsunaga.  The golf course staff of Arnie, Brian and Shawn were very helpful and said the other Gold Trees will be appropriately planted throughout the course.

Note that tree behind us above the umbrellas:

When I decided to plant the Gold Tree in tribute to Pearl, there was a second tree in contention.  Pearl also loved the Jacaranda because there was one growing next to her home in Hilo and the smell is wonderful.  Thus, how appropriate for the first planting of the Gold Tree to be right next to the Purple Jacaranda:

These Gold Trees are also growing well in a nursery at the foot of Diamond Head, and there should be a ceremony to plant them sometime this year or next at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  Here is a photo of a couple of them next to my office on the Manoa Campus:

James and I then dropped by the  home of Yasuko and Yori, Fresh's parents, then to see Pearl's mother.  A few of us then went to the new Miyo's.  Forgot to take a photo of the group and my sashimi/sesame chicken meal, but here is picture from Miyo's web page, advertised as very home style Japanese cooking:

Very popular place.  And you can bring your own alcoholic drinks.


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