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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes, depending where you live, it is hot.  However, is this global warming?  In a word:  nah!  The first half of this year shows that 2011 will probably be the 11th warmest on record.  However, last year tied 2005 as the warmest year ever for Planet Earth.  So something, definitely, is happening.

Planet Venus, by the way, is a tad over 860 F today.  Watch out for The Venus Syndrome!

Many cities across the middle and eastern portion of the country will experience triple digits today, and for sure tomorrow in portions of the East, like New York City and Washington, D.C.  But then, it will be as much as 20 degrees F cooler by Monday.  Plus, Paris, France will not even reach 70 F over the next few days and Los Angeles will have highs in the 70's this week.

Sure it's hot in Oklahoma, where the western portion of the state and Texas have exceeded 110 F much of this month.  Death Valley, California will reach 115 F all week, but it has been as high as 134 F, the hottest temperature ever in the USA, which happened on 10July1913, nearly a century ago.  In 2001, this desert attained or exceeded 100 F for 154 consecutive days.  Fifteen years ago Death Valley had 120F or higher for 40 straight days.  But El Azizia, Libya shot up to 136 F (58 C) on 13September1922, the highest actually measured.  Global maximums are mostly reached in North Africa.  Good place for our troops to avoid.

Baghad (left) will be around 110 F all week, but Kabul will only go as high as 90 F today.  However, like Denver, this city is around a mile high.  Thus, the record high for Denver is 105F and Kabul 102F.

I once felt that one hot summer tens of millions would die, finally convincing our decision-makers, especially Republicans and fossil-fuel funded politicians, that global warming is real.  I no longer think this will happen.  Baghad has electricity, but continues to suffer from blackouts.  Temperatures reach 120 F, and I once saw (a photo) of an old lady, totally garbed in black, walking in the hot sun at these temperatures.  Millions don't die when you are prepared for 120F.  These conditions will never be reached in New York City (record high of 106 F) nor Paris (104 F) nor Tokyo (103 F) nor Beijing (111 F).

Myself, I've walked on a golf course, carrying a bag, at temperatures close to 110 F near the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  I remember once when it was close to 115 F in Las Vegas, when we suffered a brownout at my brother's home.  Yes, our solution was to go to a casino, many having their own generators.  However, we could have survived.

I will be attempting 27 holes today at Ala Wai Golf  (Waikiki, with the course to the right), walking the final 9.  The temperature will rise to 88 F at 2 PM, so I will avoid that period.  There will be a nice breeze.

Dow Jones Industrial Average to the right, with NYMEX crude oil price.

Tropical Storm Ma-On is dissipating in the Western Pacific, those two storms are weakening in the Atlantic, but Super Hurricane Dora is just about up to Category 5 status in the Eastern Pacific.  However, Dora is still projected to continue to miss Baha (some huge waves will arrive, with some rain) and weaken over the next few days as cooler waters are reached.  Hawaii will not be affected.


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