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Sunday, July 3, 2011


We all have gone to double bills, and some might even have survived through three films, back to back.  Well, today, I broke my personal record by spending 9 1/2 hours on four movies.  Here they are:

Transformers #3:  Dark of the Moon

This film will break Spiderman 2's record of $88 million for a holiday weekend with something close to $100 million.  The audience averaged around 20 (age, that is...the large theater was packed), and, I guess, I now have a better appreciation for that video game mentality, for this movie was one computer enhanced battle after another, in Chicago.  I must have fallen asleep at least three times, which is some feat, considering that the noise level would not pass OSHA maximums.   I couldn't tell the good transformers (think they are called autobots) from the bad, for I didn't have a program.  The effort garnered a Tomatometer of only 38%, but an audience appreciation of 90%.  Not sure why the discrepancy, but that 90% is as high as I've seen in some time.

Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks directed, produced, wrote and starred, with Julia Roberts, in this one, of a college professor, who is (was?) married, who dates a freshman.  Tom is the freshman, who was a victim of downsizing because he did not have a college degree.  Cute and entertaining, but only moderately so.  (Rotten Tomatoes:  35%/51%).

Monte Carlo

Justin Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez (in the middle), plays both roles of mistaken identity in Paris and Monte Carlo. Fluffy, but enjoyable.  Better than you might anticipate.  (RT:  40%/82%)

Bad Teacher

This is a movie about a bad teacher, who, worse, gets a Hollywood ending.  Some scenes approach pornography, and there are no redeeming virtues.  Why these prominent stars (Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake) would deign to act in this type of movie is beyond me.  The worst of the four.  (RT :  44%/51%)

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