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Thursday, July 7, 2011


"Diabetes may well become the defining issue of global health for the next decade," said Majid Essati, chair of global environmental health at Imperial College London.  This disease was confirmed in Egypt as early as 1500 BC, and was named in Ancient Greece around the time of Christ.  

A recent study paid for by the Gates Foundation and World Health Organization indicates that diabetes has increased by more than 200% during the past 30 years, with 347 million now afflicted.  During this period, world population increased by 55%.   

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called this an epidemic, and, get this, 1 in 3 Americans born after 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime.  Wow, this sounds serious, if true. Mind you, though, those numbers above mean that 95% of you presently don't have diabetes.  

The U.S. is among the fastest rising examples, with Cape Verde, Samoa, Saudi Arabia and Papua New Guinea.  The darker the color above, the higher the rate.  If you are a female in Singapore, France, Italy and Switzerland, you do tend to be slimmer and had no change in rate.  Sub-Saharan Africa was also unchanged, but that no doubt is because of poverty.  The obese are especially prone to diabetes.  Pot bellies are especially bad.

The latest "F as in Fat" report is worthy of your perusal.  Colorado is the only state with an obesity rate below 20%, thus, ranked #51.  Hawaii is #47 (23%) and Mississippi is #1 (34%)

Diabetes is a metabolic disease featuring a high blood sugar level, mostly because the body does not produce or use insulin (there are other reasons, but I'm trying to keep this simple).  Symptoms including frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger, which further results in a weight increase.  These conditions can lead to heart problems, kidney failure and eye problems.  

There are two types of diabetes (plus the special case of pregnant women after delivery).  Type 1 is when your body fails to produce insulin, meaning that you need to inject it into yourself.  Type 2 is a malady where your cells fail to use insulin properly, which can be checked with medication (Metformin, but not aspirin).  Neither one can be cured, except that pancreas transplants have been known to help for Type 1.  Something on the order of 90-95% have Type 2 diabetes.  The connection is genetic, for if one twin gets Type 2, there is a 90% chance that so will the other.  Type 2 happens gradually and affects fatter and older people.  Not so for Type 1, which happens suddenly and can occur in children.

Thus, you can't do much to prevent Type 1, but you can lose weight (exercise is highly recommended), watch what you eat and don't smoke to minimize becoming Type 2.  My blood sugar levels were rising the past few years, but, interestingly, enough, in a six week trip I took to the Orient, the level significantly dropped.  There must be something to Chinese, Korean and Japanese food.  I continued to eat about the same percentage of carbohydrates and proteins.  Maybe there is something to Wagyu beef, where reports have shown that the fat might not be bad for your health.  But then, again, try to find a credible medical report that verifies any of this.

So the advice is very simple:  stay relatively slim with a balanced diet, exercise a lot and don't smoke.  I hesitate to show this, but people are beginning to take them, and it seems an airing out here can be constructive, for crucially linked to the first article above was a report from Katie Garcia (that's her to the left), Health and Diet Consultant to Consumer Online Tips, who lost 25 pounds just by taking free samples of HCG Activator (Human Chorionic Gonadoptropin, a hormone extracted from the urine of pregnant women--to burn more fat) and Complex Cleanse (to clean your colon) for a month. The diet is simple:  eat only 500 calories/day (two and half pieces of bread amount to 500 calories), with the HCG somehow consuming 2000 calories/day of your body fat.  Simple here, though, is not necessarily safe, and if you survive after a month, of course you you will lose a lot of weight.

The FDA has expressed concern and a federal judge fined Kevin Trudeau, infomercial marketer, $37 million for misrepresentation.  Diet Scam Watch reported that HCG is worthless as a weight-loss aid and said the evidence was overwhelmingly negative. I might finally add that the Mayo Clinic does not recommend cleansing your colon.  Amen.

The Dow Jones Industrials surged a further 97 to 12,719, with world markets also mostly increasing.  Gold went up $5/toz to $1531, while the NYMEX is at $98/barrel and Brent Spot is at $118/barrel, a $20 differential.  Something must be looking ominous again about Africa.

Two storms popped up in the east Pacific, with one already named Tropical Storm Calvin.  They don't appear to be threats.



Joe Cannon said...

I would say that one of the best ways to "cleanse" the colon is to do some exercise.

Has anyone noticed how they have to go to the bathroom after taking a walk? That's the colon cleansing action of exercise at work! All THAT AND it helps diabetes also makes exercise a win-win thing to do


pattygolden said...

I believe that the current paradigm for treating diabetes is wrong. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to change because as Max Planck said, "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."