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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I went to three movies today.  Let me explain that there are things in life that I don't fully appreciate, as, for example, Italian operas, Shakespeare, parsley and rap music.  Some of this is generational, as further exemplified by my avoidance of vampire movies, Harry Potter and comic book rehashes.  Hate to say it, but Batman is returning, and I can already predict it will be #1 when it appears next year. Thus, it is no surprise that I found Captain America mostly boring and the final Harry Potter totally out of my element.

The first film I saw, Friends with Benefits (Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating = 78%) was okay, maybe even mildly entertaining, compared to the other two, and should end up third for the week in attendance.  There was an attempt to make sex seem like tennis.  See the movie to understand.  There were bed scenes beyond the normal fluff of this type, deserving an R rating.  Linked to my previous posting dealing with Alzheimer's, this film also weaved in this disease.  It almost seems like I previously saw this movie, and No Strings Attached comes to mind.  That's Justin Timberlake (New Mickey Mouse Club, lead singer in 'N Sync--look for a reunion tour someday--former boyfriend of Britney Spears, met at the Club, you remember his incident with Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl and recently in Social Network and Bad Teacher) and Mila Kunis (born in the Ukraine, Lily, rival to Natalie Portman, in Black Swan).

The number #1 movie of the week should be Captain America (RT = 85%).  I tried to get a ticket when I got to the box office, and it was sold out (this is why I had to see the above first), so I purchased one for the next showing, which also became sold out in this gigantic auditorium.  You ask, if I don't like these comic book flicks, why did I even bother?  First, I never heard of Captain America when I once read comic books.  Second, I read that this one was different and the best of the lot.  It was, but not by much.  As the 85% audience rating shows, though, people must enjoy noisy gunfire and battles.  I appreciated the computer graphics, which showed Chris Evans (before to the left and after on the right).  Oh, one thing I liked:  the ending was cool, and you can believe that CA#2 will operate in circa 2012.  Hydra leader Red Skull was interesting, because he looked like the villain of the Potter film, Lord Voldemort (that's Ralph Fiennes, right), with the main difference being the color:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, secured a 93% RT audience rating.  I can't believe I spent any money on this film.  Count me among the 7%.  I not only fell asleep, but the lady sitting to my left nudged me to stop snoring.  Surprisingly, this large theater was only about a quarter filled.  However, this was the THX 3D version, which is expensive.  I would not be surprised if Harry significantly drops in attendance this week.  This was a dark movie, in theme and technically, for I've noticed that 3Ds are not bright enough.  As the photo to the right shows, Daniel Radcliffe did not grow much.  He is at least 5'5", maybe an inch taller.  Emma Watson is about the same height, but she must be wearing heels.  There have been eight HP films, if you count Part 2 as #8, and the first, Philosopher's Stone, was ten years ago.  

J.K. Rowling published her first HP in 1995, and now has sold 400 million HP books, making her a billionaire. Will there be future HP films?  Of course, it's making too much money.  This latest has only been out about a week and already made $834 million.  The clue of who will be in these films comes in the final scene when the children of the above three are sent off to Hogwarts.


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