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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My third book is SIMPLE SOLUTION Essays.  I today begin the serialization of this publication, which is a compilation of most of my articles from the Huffington Post.  This blog version should be a lot more entertaining, for I add photos and diagrams.  (I also will editorialize, and these additions will be in italics  and within parentheses.)  I start with a Dedication and the Introduction.

This book is dedicated to my wife, Pearl.  She passed away on 19July2009.  After returning from the hospital that afternoon, I decided to write an article for The Huffington Post on my experience over the past five weeks when she was a patient there.  You will find this posting in the essays as "Gratitude, Not Grief.

The Pearl Foundation was created as a tribute to her life.  She so loved a special yellow tree that a search ensued to identify that specie.  It turned out to be Tabebuia Donnelli-Smithii or Cybistax DS, as shown on the back cover.  These trees will be planted at sites throughout Hawaii in remembrance of her.  Thus, the cover color selection as yellow. 

(This is what a sapling looks like, which I plan to pass on to her friends and family in July of 2011.)

This is Book 3 of my series on SIMPLE SOLUTIONS:  Planet Earth and Humanity.   Book 1 focused on Planet Earth and Book 2 on the rest of my life, or Humanity.  Almost all these essays were published in The Huffington Post, rated by Technorati as the #1 blog site.   A few did not fit the requirements of HuffPo, so they come from my daily blog.

I also chose to just follow these essays in chronological order, so that the import of that moment could unfold over time.  I provide a short history of why each essay was written.  Each ends with a review of comments (the number refers to responses).  You can, of course, go to a particular HuffPo site footnoted to read the details.  They ranged from zero comments to more than a hundred.

Clearly, there is a virtual, but real, connection between my blog and HuffPo, for on 27February2010, I was asked by them to submit an article on the coming tsunami to Hawaii.  That 8.8 moment magnitude earthquake had just struck Chile, and there was some anxiousness about gigantic waves.  I said, sure, be glad to be of service…however, I happened to be in Amsterdam.  No problem, for CNN had a live feed from Waikiki Beach and Hilo Harbor, and I was more up on what was happening in Hawaii than most living this experience, for many were up in the hills awaiting the possible doom.  You can read that posting, but I mention all this because my daily blog averages just under a hundred hits/day.  That day, 3,356 visited my blog. 

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