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Friday, May 20, 2011


NO!  There is, of course, the band, The Rapture, various songs with that title, by Blondie and by Alicia Keys (reviewers panned Sex and the City 2, but I loved the movie because they went to Qatar, one of my most memorable stops last year) and too many home-made videos,  But the RAPTURE I'm addressing today has religious connotations.  Here are:  Keith Olbermann on Sarah Palin, 60 years ago from the Scriptures with music, and innumerable blog sites:  Rapture Ready, Kings Way and End of Times Bible Prophecy.  Click on 34WYSP to view trailers of the top ten films on Armageddon, another term invented about the returning Messiah.

Religious scholars and the general community treat this potentially momentous coming event with holy seriousness, and split themselves into Dispendationalist Premillennialists, Amellinnialists, Postmillennialists and a horde of other -lists.  How many Americans believe in the Rapture?  Would you believe 55%?  Only 37% feel that humans are responsible for global warming and 60% don't believe in evolution.

 I will skip this classical approach, except to let you know that the Rapture is the term ascribed to the second coming of Christ, and updated by a few as the time when only those who believe the right way will ascend to Heaven.  You've heard of "the end of times," a concept of Tim LeHaye.   I remain perplexed as to why anyone can take any of this with any kind of seriousness, but the 12 "left behind" books have sold around 63 million more copies than my books.  I further wonder about how 90% of Americans can believe in a God with afterlife.  I could be wrong, for I am in the bare minority, but I am particularly troubled that religion can promise (as for example, a Heaven) without proof.  Faith?  That is an excuse for a  lack of evidence.

Sir Isaac Newton himself, perhaps our greatest scientist, was also a practicing theologian most his life, and, using figures from the Books of Daniel and Revelation, calculated that the Apocalypse would occur no earlier than 2060.  Whew!! What a relief. Let me not try to explain every term, but to indicate that soon after the Apocalypse should  come the Rapture, or saying it another way, Judgment Day.   I guess you get the point that I am talking about what is beginning to be one of my favorite topics, DOOMSDAY!  Okay, but, is it "judgement" or "judgment"?  The spelling below is the more correct:

More recently has been that uncredentialed evangelical minister and, yikes, civil engineer (who graduated from, yes, appropriate enough, Cal Berkeley, the institution William Hung dropped out of after his discovery on American Idol)
Harold Camping (right), to be 90 in July.  He blew his first call, when the end was supposedly to come in September of 1994, but has made a remarkable comeback, now identifying tomorrow, May 21, as R, J, or D-Day.  Mind you, don't panic, for the end of the world, according him, comes five months later.   In any case, what if he is right this time, for his studies of this second coming are based on the time-tested cycles of the Old Testament and the lunar and Gregorian calendars?  How can he possibly miss twice!  The wonder, really, is that he actually has a following...not particularly large, but sufficiently important that people like me feel compelled to waste a posting.  Click on topix to be amazed at how many of us there are.

Well, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, or Sunday, that could be because of the RAPTURE!  In any case, if I'm wrong, I have figured out how I can still ascend anyway, so I'll see if I can communicate to you left behinders from Heaven, or Hell.  If nothing happens, and I give this a trillion to one certainty, I'm all for giving Harold, the civil engineering evangelist, a third chance, but only after he reaches the age of, oh, 100.
Of course, the real biggie is still coming:  the Mayan Prophesy for 21December2012.  Sure. But don't yet feel secure, for there will come 2070.  The countdown has already begun.

The Dow Jones Industrials sunk 93 to 12,512, with world markets also mostly falling.  Gold, though, jumped $18/toz to $1513, but the all-time high in London was earlier this month on May 4 at $1541/toz.  American oil seems stuck at around $100/barrel.


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