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Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is a Sunday, so let me digress from my normal thought provoking and provocative postings with some fun and fantasy.  Tomorrow I'll return to global warming, the International Energy Agency and OPEC.

The golf in Mesquite and St. George was great. My teams won all four days.  However, Leroy Perry played the game of his life today, a 76 at the very challenging Coral Canyon Golf Course (above):

If you can't regularly drive a ball 200 yards, on many of the holes, you will never get to the other side.  Kenji's 115 score is indicative.

We had two meals at Sushi Masa, and David's Love Boat today was fabulous:

This also came with a very large and fancy green salad topped with baby asparagus...all for $8.95.

We're now in the California Hotel, and the next photo shows one of those idiotic slot tournaments at the Main Street Station.  There is no skill involved, it is all pure luck, and I should know because I have never won, or even come close.  Actually, I show this scene because Kenji is hard at work on his computer to the extreme left:

Well, a storm front with fierce winds is headed our way.  

By the way, does anyone reading this know anything about the Global Foundation for Humanitarian Affairs?  I'd appreciate any information.  Nothing on Google.

Tropical Storm Aere, now already at 55 MPH, the first of the year in the Pacific, just skirted past the eastern portion of Luzon, and is projected to head towards Taiwan, and, perhaps Okinawa too.

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Spotter said...

I assume you're asking about "Global Foundation for Humanitarian Affairs" because you received an email invite from them, such as the one I've posted on my blog, here.

I firmly believe it's a scam. You found nothing on Google, because they just made up the name.


Thank you for your response. Yes, I came to that same conclusion. One of the more elegant phishing expeditions i've yet seen.