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Friday, May 27, 2011

100,000 VISITORS!

Visitor #99,999 was from China, #100,000 from Singapore (flag to left) and #100,001 from India.  Nice to see so many readers from around the world.

Actually, I only began subscribing to this GOOGLE Visitors count on 16September2008.  My very first posting was on 29April2008, a little more than three years ago. Thus I officially passed the 100,000 mark a couple of months ago.

This is a good a time as any to review this blog site.  In the right box from the top:

  Search This Blog:  just like a Google search, just type in what you want and there will be a list of which posting covered that term.

  TRANSLATE TO YOUR LANGUAGE:  to instantly translate into your preferred language, click on the appropriate flag.

  VIEWERS:  click on this box and see the details of which countries visited this site.  One hundred and seventy seven countries, 60.5% from the USA and the all-time daily record number of visitors was 3,356 on 27February2010 when I reported on the Chile earthquake and incoming tsunami to Hawaii.  The second most visited day was 11March2011 when I reported on the Tohoku earthquake and a blow by blow account of the tsunami that reached Hawaii.  Why did so many click on this blog site?  Well, the Huffington Post on those days published my articles (27February2010 and 11March2011).  This is one of the advantages of a virtual newspaper, as I was making adjustments every few minutes to the posting. May 29 will mark my third year with HuffPo.  I have published 96 articles, and the most recent appeared yesterday:   The Simplest Solution for Our National Debt.

  VIEWERS X:  eight months ago, VIEWERS just disappeared, so I inserted this second visitor tally, which began on 27September2010.  Interesting that only during this period, there have been 50,000 visitors and 169 countries.  When the original visitor list reappeared the next day, rather than just toss this second version away, I just kept it because it showed a map.  

  WE MUST TAKE ACTION ON GLOBAL WARMING NOW:  my summary of the field.

  How Much Does Gasoline Cost:  you can find the price of gasoline in any state and the average for the USA.

  WHAT IS THE PRICE OF OIL:  this is the price of oil in the United States.  For reasons that somewhat mystify me, the London Brent Spot price has been $15/barrel higher.

  WHAT WILL BE THE FUTURE PRICE OF OIL:    this is a particularly useful entry because when you click on FUTURE PRICE OF OIL, you can access what the Chicago Mercantile Index's oil futures look like, now up to December 2019, where the price is ONLY $103/barrel.


  Our National Debt:  click on U.S. National Debt Clock today and you will get $14.3 trillion.Another useful number is the national debt over gross domestic product ration.  Here, a value of 100% is shown.  In some of my postings, I use 60%.  Both are correct, because these percentages depend on what is considered to be our national debt.  It's too complicated to be explained here.

  CALCULATE THE CURRENT VALUE OF MONEY:  this is a most useful link.  Click on Measuring Worth - Relative Value of US Dollars and find out the true value of money.  Yes, President Ronald Reagan did get a $1.8 (equivalent) trillion rescue package in 1981 when the U.S. entered into recession following the Second Energy Crisis.

   Blog Archive:  you can find any earlier posting by clicking on the year, month or article.

The Dow Jones Industrials rose 39 to 12,442, with world markets mostly up.  Gold jumped $12/toz to $1535, while American oil is at $101/barrel and European crude $115/barrel.

Super Typhoon Songda weakened to 145 MPH, but will still strike Okinawa as at least a Category 2 storm beginning just about now.  Like in the Atlantic, the hurricane season does not start until June 1.  Sure.


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