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Monday, May 16, 2011


The Endeavour took off on its final mission today:

The probably absolute last shuttle flight will be the Atlantis in mid-Summer.

My United flight was close to Continental's President's Club, so I was able to use it.  Alcoholic drinks are free here, so I had a Bloody Mary, hot chocolate and toasted bagels with nutella, cream cheese and butter:

You can see the Strip in the background:

My recent postings have been ridiculously too long, so, today, let me merely say that the Kenji of Kenji's Golf Safari, on the final day, again shot the lowest net score, only the second time in 13 years, the first being two days previously.  That's General Sumida to the left.  Another miracle was that I ended up with the lowest net for the seven day period.  I credit Lefty Yamamoto, for his personal instructions while sitting next to me on the cart on Day 7 detected a flaw that shows promise for transforming me into a championship golfer.

Interestingly enough, a couple of years ago, returning home after one of these outings, the first time back I scored in the 70's with Ken Watanabe's group at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  Then, with each passing week, the scores continued to increase until I reached my usual 18.

A few years before that experience, I tripped on one of those yellow ropes at Ala Wai protecting the green, separated my shoulder, could not play for six weeks, but decided to try the practice range, and, while still hurting, went out on a round with the Watanabe group at this course.  Well, I could hardly swing the clubs, but still managed to end up in the 70's, twice.  Then, inexorably, the climb began, and went back up to my 18 handicap.

However, the past few months, probably because of age, my handicap jumped to 21, which is equivalent to a 24 because this group allows you to move your ball at any time, but no more than 25 feet to get around a tree.  You would think this third time I will learn something to finally become a single digit golfer.  History, I'm afraid, will prevail.

But there is no place like home, greeted by my flowers:

Some O-Toro with a Nikka 20-year old whiskey and Sapporo beer at sunset:

Ending with a moonrise:


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