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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Reads almost like whimsical humor:  here are the first two paragraphs of this news article:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A veterinary pathologist worked Monday to determine what killed a juvenile fin whale discovered on the bow of a cruise ship entering an Alaska port.
The cause of death was not immediately apparent for the endangered whale spotted just after 5 a.m. Sunday on the bulbous bow of the Zaandam, a Holland America Line cruise ship, as it prepared to dock in Seward.
You would think the ship killed the whale.  But, no, the cruise line is trying to find the real cause:

The veterinary pathologist, Kathy Burek (Harrington--right), began a necropsy Sunday night and planned to continue Monday, with armed NOAA Fisheries law enforcement officers standing guard against bears, Speegle said.

The official cause remains under investigation.  Here is another incredible quote:

At issue is the fruit fly sperm, which is gargantuan in the tiny world of that speck-sized insect. How big? A fruit fly's sperm is 2.3 inches long, or about 23 times longer than its body. It's more than 1,100 times longer than human sperm. If a man had sperm the same proportion to its body as a fruit fly, it would be nearly 140 feet long.

Say you wish to attend the NBA Finals first game between Golden State and Cleveland today in the Oracle (Oakland), what would you be willing to pay?  NBATickets still has tickets available for $348, although you can also find them for $14999.  Well, I went to that site and, of course, minutes after they were made available, the first two games sold out of non-VIP seats.  But you can go to outlets such as, where Standing Room Only sells for $374, and real seats for about a hundred bucks above the original price.  Actually, if you could afford $20,000 for two VIP seats, has them available, Section 2, Row A1.

Pat Boone just celebrated his 82nd birthday.  Here is what he looked like two years ago with his daughter, Debbie.  

I have a special reverence for Pat, because I'm a Pat, too, but more specifically for he making me a fashion icon at McKinley High School.  It was 1957, I was a junior and noticed in a box of my older brother's stuff a pair of white shoes, which he had used once for his wedding.  I put them on, and they fit.  So I went to school wearing them.  That night, Pat Boone wore white bucks on his television show and I became famous.  If it weren't for these shoes I probably never would have been elected vice-president of the upcoming senior class, never made it to Stanford University and could not possibly have had my fantastical life.

Boone was the great-great-great-great grandson of Daniel Boone and the cousin of Richard Boone, from CBS's Have Gun - Will Travel.  Pat sold over 45 million albums, where his hits set a Billboard record which he still  holds--220 weeks on the charts.  He has appeared in more than 12 films.  He graduated Magna cum laude from Columbia University and married country music star Red Foley's daughter, Shirley Lee.  They had four daughters, and the third, Debby, who is now 59, had a hit in 1977 (wow, almost forty years ago), You Light Up My Life, which spent ten weeks at #1 on Billboard, at that time the longest in history.  Her mother in law was Rosemary Clooney.   Here from the left:  Pat, Shirley Lee, Debbie, Gabriel Ferrer and Rosemary--


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