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Saturday, June 4, 2016


America's Got Talent (AGT) is now into Season 11.  Actually, Simon Cowell started Britain's Got Talent first, but the American version made it to TV first in 2006 because of problems back home.

Since Year One, AGT has ranked #1 on TV every summer.  For the first time, Cowell is now also one of the four judges.  A minor irritant, but NONE of them is from the USA:  Cowell (British), Howie Mandell (Canadian), Mel B (former Spice Girl Scary, British) and Heidi Klum (German).  Moderator Nick Cannon, at least, is American.

The winner on Year One was 12-year old Bianca Ryan.  She is now 21 and still entertaining.  However, save for Year Two #1 Terry Fator, a ventriloquist who makes a mint in Las Vegas, none of the other first placers hit it big.

It was in Year Five that  10-year old Jackie Evancho got on the show via a You Tube audition.  Her first showing on AGT was mesmerizing.  She only came in second that year, but has 3 million in U.S. sales.  No one else from the show has reached a million.  

Reminiscent is 48-year old Susan Boyle from Scotland on Britain's Got Talent in 2009.  Her audition, with both Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan as judges, was equally remarkable, maybe more so.

2016 AGT started with 6-year old stand-up comedian Nathan Bookstahler.  He was bright, interactive, and, apparently, writes his own material, although he indicated that his mother typed up his presentation.  He had never before performed before a real audience and absolutely killed the crowd and viewing audience.

The judges and audience were enthralled by the Clairvoyants, an Austrian couple, the female who predicted incredibly personal items held by her second.  Clearly, this was a wireless act which stunned everyone, including me, until I saw this clip.

Then four who looked like hoodlums appeared, with attitude.  Here, Linking' Bridge, the next Boyz II Men:

Even a group that did not make it looked good, before and after:

Hara, from Japan, was incredible, you got to see this:

Tape Face was underwhelming, but entertaining:

Ryan Stock was gruesome.  Don't watch this:

I told you NOT to watch that.  The most heartwarming surprise of the night, just like Jackie Evancho, was 13-year old Laura Bretan.  You got to watch this:

She got the Golden Buzzer. Here are more Golden Buzzer moments from the past.

The next two hours of America's Got Talent will be on Tuesday night at 7PM in Honolulu, Channel 1008.  Of course, who actually sits down that night.  I record it.  That's why I'm reporting this program today, for I just watched it.

Oh yes, Simon also has Britain's Got Talent going, too.  Here are some of the more astonishing auditions in 2016.  If you liked that, try this.


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