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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The USA is the greatest nation ever, and Hawaii is the best place to live in this country.  My postings, Huffington Post articles and books have detailed why.  So why am I concerned?  Republicans like Donald Trump keep saying, let's make American great again.  Am I leaning towards the GOP?

Of course not, but let me today focus on my home state, for we have become inept.  We kill of the Superferry, delay building the Thirty Meter Telescope so that Chile is already in construction of a more capable instrument than what ours might have been, and have become overly dependent on tourism as our only industry.  We've totally lost our leadership in the U.S. Congress and will soon not be able to point out that the President was born in Hawaii.

I had a plan: make the University of Hawaii great and host the 2020 World Expo, with the venues being the train station themselves, to quote:

Honolulu is suffering through the pangs of planning a mass transit system. Funding crises will no doubt appear, again and again. Why not find a way to allow international teams to finance, design and manage these stations? Like in EPCOT Center around a lake, each site would feature a different region of the world interfacing, in principle, with the Pacific Ocean. A China village, with the architecture, restaurants and entertainment otions of that country. Maybe they’ll bring and leave two pandas. Same for Japan, Korea, the European Community, South America, Africa...and more. 

Why they would invest in our State is because we would give them "low cost" development rights within a 100 yards of each station.  2020 is a special year, for that represents ideal vision.  Well, this option is now gone, for Dubai will  host Expo 2020.  However, we continue to have huge potential:

Hawaii has a few wild cards in this mission. For one, this is the most beautiful spot in the world. Everywhere I’ve been, just about everyone thinks there is a certain magic about these islands. Two, we have a host of billionaires, some relatively young, who have already shown a high sense of community activism. Now, if some of them can somehow work together, they should be able to transcend politics, unions and personalities. Three, if we don’t do anything magnificent, soon, it will all be over.

Speaking of billionaires, they are also crucial to make the University of Hawaii great:

I calculated there was a 10 trillion to one chance that I would become what I have became.  The odds must be a trillion times better for the University of Hawaii to become among the greatest ten in the world, for how difficult can it be to gain the support of only three inspired billionaires with vision?

Well, the UH continues to struggle in mediocrity, our mass transit system is so over budget that they might shorten the length (which would insure for another failure) and Dubai beat us to that Expo.   However, I was reading an issue of Scientific American between holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course, and was enthralled with a custom media special, which provided an answer for Hawaii.  Return tomorrow for this solution.


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