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Thursday, June 9, 2016


If you keep up with the news, you now know that gene scientists have developed a technique to finally eliminate mosquitos, cockroaches and...any living species, forever.  Of course, there is the usual collection of suspects that decry the imperilment of life as we know it should society be so dopey as to move in that direction.  Tomorrow I'll focus on something called gene drive.

Today, I'll first show photos sent by the family of a nephew I stayed with during my around the world trip last year, then a series of shots representing the kind of cuisine I consume at whim.  I'll start with my grandniece or greatniece (they both are okay), Sofia Pearl, because she was named after Pearl:

As a ballerina, she is that much closer to becoming a Rainbow Butterfly, what she ultimately wants to be.  The family--Eric, Sophia, Marisol, Nicole and Mateo:

I might add that I have another grandniece, Lily, from Pearl's side of the family:

This past month I have indulged in a wide range of fast foods, mostly for lunch at Diamond Head Lookout, but also on my lanai. Here, artichoke with Castello blue cheese and tomato cream soup, with a Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc, Pearl's favorite white wine:

Luau with pieces of wagyu beef, Kirin beer and Fume Blanc at sunset:

The ingredients:  Niigata rice (#1 in the world), ogo (seaweed), maguro (yellow-fin tuna) and akule (also known as aji), with cold beer and hot sake:

This week I was walking around the Ala Moana Shopping Center and stumbled into Kona Abalone at the edge of the Makai Market food court.  Never saw this before, although it's been there for two years now, and had a $10 lunch:

The abalone was well prepared, the miso soup excellent, assorted Japanese sides very good and rice exceptional.  I sat at that one table available, a cut above where the masses sat.  By comparison, I noted that a nearby Big Mac Meal cost $8.19, but I didn't ask if tax had to be added.

The Diamond Head Lookout is where I have most of my take-out meals from places like Rainbow Drive Inn, Zippy's, Hawaii'a Best Kitchen, LL Barbecue, etc:

This LL Hawaiian Barbecue at Market City Shopping Center facing Kaimuki High School serves bentos that are tastier than the other LL's.  Here a mini garlic chicken with macaroni salad and rice, which I had with green tea:

My favorite might be from Hawaii's Best Kitchens, a huli-huli (BBQ over keawe wood) chicken too large for the box:

This is half a chicken and a challenge to eat, mostly because I'm trying to do this in the front seat of my car.

The view, of course, is priceless:

That rock monument is in tribute to Amelia Earhart:

This plaque commemorates the first solo flight from Hawaii to North America in 1935.  She piloted a Lockheed Vega right over this spot on her way to Oakland.

Two years later she flew back from Oakland to Honolulu in an Electra built by Lockheed just for this global challenge.   To the left, she arrives in Lae, New Guinea:  and I myself once had too much of an adventure here. She next headed for Howland Island, and disappeared.

There are at least eight conspiracy theories, ranging from being kidnapped by aliens to capture by Japanese troops leading to her becoming one of the Tokyo Roses to....

Today I went golfing at the Ala Wai Golf Course, and, like the Blue Bar Pigeon following me around the world last year, this Red Headed Cardinal visited me twice today:


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