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Saturday, November 2, 2013


I'm transitioning from 31 years in my present apartment to a new lifestyle next door at 15 Craigside.  Sometime this month, Horita Realty will enter into the world wide web the availability of Penthouse A2 of the original Craigside.  This means almost nothing in the real estate market, but I'm trying to highlight rainbows and sunsets.  For example, this morning I awoke to a double rainbow:

How many of you can say you've ever had this experience?  That's Honolulu Harbor, plus the Pacific Ocean in the far background.

I had my first meal at 15 Craigside, lunch hosted by Ted Ozawa (left, whose professional life was in chemical engineering) and Daniel Kwok (a colleague from the Manoa Campus, a history professor, who just moved in this past week):

The food here I can best describe as a combination of Zippy's, Rainbow Drive-in, and a Japanese restaurant, with a soup, salad and dessert bar.  Not sure if all the elements will align for my move, but the worst case scenario is my remaining in a heavenly penthouse overlooking Honolulu and continuing my life of fantasy.

Typhoon Krosa, at 110 MPH, remains potent, but should weaken a bit, mostly miss Hainan, and crash into Danang, also known as China Beach.  

Read about my experience there, for this is the most fabulous beach on Planet Earth.


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