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Friday, November 1, 2013

This is now November, two months until 2014.  As last night was Halloween, let me end this week with a makeover of one my favorite songs, Bobby Boris Pickett's Monster Mash:  click on Healthcare Mash.  Americans are split on Obamacare, and the website is an embarrassing mess, but there seems to be a reasonable sense that the program should not be ditched, but mended.

Co-written with Leonard Capizzi in 1962, the song was supposed to be a spoof on the various dance crazes of the day, such as the twist and mashed potato, from which came the title.  Pickett attempted to impersonate the voices of Boris (of course) Karloff and Bela Lugosi (and note this came at "Whatever happened to my Translvania Twist?).  Monster Mash hit #1 on Billboard two weeks before Halloween of 1962.  The return power shows, as MM returned to the charts in 1970 and 1973, selling over 1 million copies again.  There was also Monster's Holiday, which hit #30 in December of 1962.

I must have missed it, but then came in 1995, Monster Mash:  The Movie, featuring Pickett as Dr. Frankenstein.  The cast included Count Dracula, Igor, the Wolfman and, even, Elvis.  Rotten Tomatoes did not bother finding reviews, but 50% of the audience liked it.  I wonder if I can find this film?

Typhoon Krosa is a Category 3 at 115 MPH, but is now projected to turn south and make landfall just south of Danang, Vietnam.


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