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Saturday, November 9, 2013


You've of course heard of Hawaii Five-O.  Well, the University of Hawaii football team is now Zero-9.

However, we had a memorable tailgate outside the Navy stadium in Annapolis:

Frankly, I would have been disappointed if they had served lau-lau, poke and rice, for you want to experience the cuisine of the local natives.  The tailgate featured barbecued chicken and pulled barbecue pork/beef sandwich, with potato salad and beans, with a dessert bar.  The potato salad used the wrong mayonnaise and the food temperatures were all wrong.  Let me change my mind and say that I would have preferred the Hawaiian-style tailgate.  At least the drinks were all free:

The Hawaiian trio with some hula dancers entertained well:

Hawaii Athletic Director Ben Jay joined the 600 tailgaters:

You might note that I am wearing a Navy football t-shirt.  The Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium:

It was an entertaining game, but Hawaii maintained a perfect record:  ZERO-9.  This is beginning to remind me too much of the von Appen years when Hawaii did not win for 23 months, and the tailgate was the highlight of the night.

Tomorrow?  I have a free day in our Nation's Capital.


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