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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

D.C., HERE I COME: But First, SFO and DEN

I'm taking the leisurely route to Washington, D.C. this time.  First, tonight, an overnight in Denver.  Goodbye Honolulu:

To my dismay, United 72 first landed in San Francisco:

I'm always intrigued by the formations as you approach the runway at SFO:

We had to get off the plane and I now have a two hour wait for UA72 to continue.  Breakfast, even in first class, was mostly inedible, so as I will not be arriving into my Aloft at Denver Airport until 9:30PM or so, and this hotel has no restaurant, I splurged on curry salmon and sashimi at the SFO Airport because the United Club does not serve much in terms of food:

The above cost me $32, with that dinky sashimi at $13.  The ANA first class lounge at Narita (Japan) would have served this for free, to which I would have added three kinds of sake, and perhaps a Yamazaki single malt.

I used the United Club to work on my computer, and basically lost track of time.  I looked at clock on my computer, and it said 2:10.  But the plane arrived at around that time so it then occurred to me that the real San Francisco time was 4:10...and my plane was to depart at 4:20.  I calculated that packing my computer and getting to Gate 87 would take 10 minutes, so I probably would miss the flight.  I ran, walked quickly on two really long moving walkways and got to the the plane in 3 minutes.  The check-in attendant said, "Takahashi?"  Two minutes later, five minutes before the official departure time, the plane locked up and left.

So, goodbye SFO:

Turned out that the food on the flight was great.  The best cheeseburger I've had on a plane, with tomato basil soup and a beer.  Ate too much.  After baggage pick-up, had to wait 20 minutes outside in the cold until my Aloft shuttle arrived.  The temperature at the Denver International Airport was 25 F at 8PM.  I still have tomorrow to Reagan Airport, but I know I will never again use this itinerary to get to D.C.

A very formidable Typhoon Haiyan is at 120 MPH and will strengthen into a Category 4 before making landfall in the Philippines, but, as currently projected, sufficiently south as to only barely affect Manila with some rain:


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