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Monday, January 30, 2012


Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zukerberg (Facebook), Lawrence Ellison (Oracle), Michael Dell (Dell), Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (UK, Virgin), Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway), Roman Abramowicz (Russia billionaire) and Ted Turner (CNN) never graduated from college.  I don't know what this means, but I looked down this list, and could not find a female.  Maybe they all have college degrees.

More so, for those who did graduate, real wages have DROPPED around 10% over the past decade.  Let me repeat this, for it is hard to believe:  a college graduate today will have an earning power 10% less than someone who graduated ten years ago.  So why bother with college?

Well, for one, you would be much, much, much better off than if you dropped out of high school!  Average annual income:

  High school dropout     $19,540
  High school diploma     $27,380
  College graduate          $46,930

Let's say you worked 50 years.  A high school dropout would earn less than a million dollars, while a college graduate more than $2 million, a difference of $1.4 million.  Just think what your life would be with a better spouse, nicer home, more interesting vacations, larger high definition TV set, a car to suit your personality, a relatively stable job and higher respect in your neighborhood and family.  Mind you, a simple degree is not enough, you need to apply yourself, too.

But even more convincing, consider the following unemployment rates:

  High school dropout        15.4%
  High school diploma       10.0%
  College graduate              4.4%

So if you're young and restless and want to waste your life in poverty, most probably high unemployment prospects and low wages, don't blame teachers, your parents and friends.  Only you can determine the fate of the rest of your life.  If you believe in an afterlife, what if your family and church are wrong.  Perhaps this could be your last chance.

Last year Time asked, is college worth it?  Well, 86% said yes.  The report indicated that something close to 60% of 25-34 year olds from South Korea, Canada and Japan completed some postsecondary eduction, while this figure for the U.S. is towards 40%. 

Something is indeed wrong with 42 million Americans suffering from functional illiteracy and another 50 million not being to read past the 4th grade level.  Seventy percent of prisoners are illiterate, while 85% of juvenile offenders are marginally literate.  Forty three percent of these illiterates in society live in poverty.  Our government feeds 43 million on food stamps.

Do you want to be a statistic from the previous paragraph?  By my calculations, there was only a one chance in 10000000...there are 34 zeros...that you were even born a human being.  The fact that you are alive is a miracle.  What a waste to squander, possibly, your final opportunity.  President Obama wants you to stay in school until the age of 18.  Then, impress everyone, especially yourself, go on to vocational school or college.  More so, when you actually work for a living, make a positive difference for Planet Earth and Humanity.  Yes, this sounds like a high school commencement address, but you get the point.  I hope.

The Dow Jones Industrials fell 130, but recovered to lose only 7 to 12,654, with European markets especially down.  Gold decreased $9/toz to $1730, while the WTI and Brent are stable at $99 and $111/barrel, respectively.

Looks like Tropical Cyclone Iggy, now at 65 MPH, will weaken, and head for Geraldton, Australia.


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