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Sunday, January 15, 2012


I could have posted on world trends in Taiwan (pro-China leader Ma Ying-jeou re-elected), Scotland (will vote to secede in 2014) and the Middle East (coming end of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen), but this Sunday, so, in follow-up to my blog yesterday:  Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppler, is the 2012 Miss America:

In the opening introductory statements of the 53 competitors, she stood out as the most beautiful.  Her public service focus is to support and mentor children of incarcerated doubt because her father served 18 months in a Federal Prison for mail fraud.  He is out of jail now, and at the pageant in Las Vegas indicated "this was the best day in my life."

I spent my day at the SONY Open, and checked my blood pressure after an alcoholic drink (no change) and cigar (also, no change)--I bought one of those wrist gizmos.  All seems well, after a fiery week with a high blood pressure scare.  Tadd Fujikawa did okay.  Here he is at the 16th after a good shot.  Note the waves in the background:

The weather was sparkling.  The winner was Johnson Wagner:

Another perfect day in Hawaii...except the rains came at the the very end.  Well, a soft, warm drizzle for few minutes, anyway.


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