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Friday, January 20, 2012


Earlier this month I had a health scare.  Actually, one of my friends did, but it shocked me into changing my life.  My posting on A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE provides most of the details.

However, since then I augmented my home blood pressure monitor with a smaller one for my wrist.  I noticed that they both are in a reasonable ballpark and it does not really matter if you place the device on your left or right arm.  The elevation relative to your heart is important.  I entered the results on EXCEL and am analyzing the results comparing the following parameters:


CONDITION (that is, any special info to explain the above)

VALUE  (I arbitrarily used "exercise" as good and salt, alcohol, P/C (piss/crap), hunger and stress as bad, and entered them to get a VALUE:  highly negative scores should correlate with high blood pressure)

Here are the preliminary results after two weeks:

1.  Walking on a golf course for 18 holes is good, very good.

2.  Salt tends to increase my blood pressure (BP).

3.  The need to urinate and pass my bowels raises my BP.

4.  Extreme hunger significantly raises my BP.

5.  The higher the pulse rate, the lower the BP.  Or conversely, the lower the pulse rate, the higher the BP.

6.  Alcohol does not seem to affect the BP.  In fact, it is possible that  one or two drinks might lower mine.  The Mayo Clinic insists that alcohol increases BP.  I contend, though, that because doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, they feel obligated to preach against smoking and drinking.   Thus, only very heavy drinkers are studied, revealing that these boozers have a blood pressure 2-4 points / 1-2 points higher.  That's all?  Everything should be in moderation anyway, plus up to ten ounces/day of wine (that is 38% the whole bottle) actually is good for you (5 ounces for females).  That is, people who drink ethanol live longer than people who don't.   Anyway, I was surprised that, after a week of no alcohol, there were no withdrawal symptoms or anything like what I had expected.  In fact, by the end that week, I could have almost quit forever.  But....why?

Thus, when I wake up in the morning, I am hungry, my pulse rate is low (48-52) and I need to go to the bathroom.  My BP tends to be around 140/90.

After going to the bathroom and a small breakfast, an hour later the BP drops to 130/80.

After walking on a golf course and taking a bath with a glass of wine, the BP can drop to as low as 110/65.  This is a little surprising, for I generally haven't eaten much all day.

About the pulse rate - BP relationship, my BP can jump to 170/95 when I'm really hungry.  After a full meal, an hour later, the BP drops to 145/85, but there is a kind of hysteresis, for the BP remains somewhat high at this level for a while.

I noticed a couple of times that my BP jumped to 165/90 when I got too irritated with e-mails and activities on a computer, so stress, no doubt must play a role.  After a while, the BP settles to 145/85, but, again, not quite to a normal low.

Maybe the most significant finding had to do with ethanol.  I went to see my doctor today to analyze the results of my blood test.  I had taken it a week before after a week of alcohol "fasting."  Somewhat surprisingly, my cholesterol increased from 170mg/dL to 192, but worse, the low density lipoprotein jumped from 80 mg/dL to 101 and the HDL dropped a bit.  The Triglycerides were an okay 106 mg/dL  Sodium was 140/mEq/L, which is fine.  My immediate conclusion is that an ABSENCE of ethanol INCREASES LDL.  Clearly, I need to drink a lot more to bring back down my LDL.  Kenji and Leighton will love this!

At least it looks like I won't need to go to Europe to get a kidney snipping operation (which, by the way is that SIMPLE SOLUTION cure indicated in that above posting).  By lowering salt (I still consume more than I should, for I still now and then have a Rainbow Drive-Inn lunch) and exercising several times a week, I appear to have checked my high blood pressure.  I have returned to a drink or two or three a day, and, as I indicated, there seems to be an almost positive effect.

I now take the prescribed 12.5 mg of Avalide.  For the past several years I chopped the pill in half.  I will, though, test my body on how it will react to half a pill or no pill at all.  This pharmeceutical, by the way, has a dual effect by serving as a diuretic.  I noticed that my blood pressure does go up when I retain fluids.

I'm now in the process of directly transcribing the BP monitor data directly into my i-Pad, as writing down the results and later typing them in to my computer wastes time.  I need to adjust the VALUE equation to more closely reflect the reality.  Other than that, I'm almost glad my friend had his Transient Global Amnesia, for that is a one time episode, and it scared me into looking closely at what I ate and drank.


Good day on Wall Street, as the Dow Jones Industrials jumped 96.5 to 12,720, with mixed world markets.  Gold went up $11/toz to $1666, while the WTI crude dropped to $98/barrel and Brent Spot to $110/barrel.

Both Indian Ocean cyclones are now at hurricane strength, with Funso heading for Mozambique of greater concern.  However, all models show the storm veering east, then south, before striking land in a weakened condition:



Guy@NELHA said...

My blood pressure dropped considerably after reducing my daily alcohol content and began training for marathons. But my social life lost its luster and I'm now a dull boy...


Well, the Mayo Clinic agrees with you. I would not be surprised, though, if a lowered salt concentration in your blood stream (through sweating) had more to do with your blood pressure drop. Medical studies show that heavy drinkers can reduce their pressure by moderating or quitting. But note that this condition applies to HEAVY DRINKERS ( And for these subjects, the drop was only in the range of 3 for the high and 1.5 for the low, hardly distinguishable on any blood pressure monitor. Nothing much is said about those who have one or two drinks/day. My tests--mind you, perhaps this has more to do with self-fulfilling prophesy--show some decline with two ounces of wine.

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