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Sunday, October 11, 2015

GAWA Day #26B: Dubai is Astonishing

What other superlatives can I add about Dubai?  First, the air pollution index today is 162, so you can actually see Burj Khalifa from my room:

By the way, that was a plus.  Here is the reading material in my room:

The local paper is The Gulf News, and the editorials about Israel are just the opposite of what you see in the USA.  As in Qatar, the paper is strong and shiny, the colored photos being of very high megapixels.

The four hour tour of Dubai was informative, but kind of a scam, for they made it seem that they would be taking you through the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, but, instead, they dropped you off at shams for museums and markets where the obvious ploy was to sell you something.  You could say, well, this happens in all city tours, but this one was especially time wasteful and irritating.  Anyway, here are some highlights of what the guide said that I if these things happen, Dubai will be Tomorrowland:
  • They will be building (right) an 80-story building, called Da Vinci Tower, where each floor will rotate independently:
    • There will be a restaurant of every floor.
    • Proposed is wind/solar power to run the facility.
  • Falcon City has plans to build the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Their Dubailand will be double the size of Disney World.
  • Mall of the World will be four times larger than Dubai World, which is already the biggest shopping center in the world.
Let me predict that half of the above won't be completed as announced, which still means some of them will actually attain reality.  I repeat, Dubai is already astonishing!

So, anyway, here are some photos, the only stop worth showing is a gold pearl necklace that the proprietor insisted was real, for which he would provide an official certification (something this country enforces, and is proud of) and a bargain for $625:

I've never seen that gold a gold pearl, and, if authentic, would, indeed, be a great purchase.  But I'm not in a buying anything mood.  I did, though actually spend $4 to get the tiniest Burj Khalifa I could find.

Saffron, by the way, comes from a purple flower, and is red.  When added to food, it turns yellow.  Popular here in teas:

Saw a bunch of magnificent hotels:

This is the best I could do with Burj Khalifa:

The 2020 World Expo is publicized on buildings:

Thus, you don't come here to see camels or sand.  The architecture is astonishing, and makes Bangkok, Hong Kong and Doha look like Honolulu.  Get this:  there are 911 high rises, 88 of which are taller than 591 feet, and I would say that 900 of them are more impressive than anything in Honolulu:

I moved to the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, which is nicely located right on the beach.  Here is a view from the Club Lounge:

However, this structure was built 16 years ago, and look at how splashy the Double Tree is next door:

Embarrassing?  Well, times are a-changing.  Here is another view from the adjacent shopping complex:

On the other side of the Double Tree is a new building, still growing.  Well, so much for Dubai.  If I'm alive, I plan on returning to the 2020 World Expo.  Tomorrow, I'm off for Istanbul.

Oh, I should indicate that the hotel gave me a chilled bottle of white wine, and, as all kinds of take-outs are in walking distance, I had a Panda soup and Kentucky Fried Chicken meal:

So the total amount I spent food today was less than $10.

To mention this again, my readership has jumped the past couple of days because there is a fascination with Dubai.


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