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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GAWA Day #21: Singapore to Bangkok

According to Skytrax, the five best airports are:
  1. Singapore Changi
  2. Incheon
  3. Munich
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Haneda
So far on this trip I've used #1, #2 and #4.  Changi is great, but thinking bigger and greater.  Click on that article to be impressed:

Can't believe I've been on the road for three weeks.  Here are some of my thoughts, now that I'm now in Bangkok.

There is an advantage to traveling in countries where English is the primary language.  Both Hong Kong and Singapore were British-colonized.  Thus the communications are easy and local TV news are in English.   Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia never colonized, although there was some early British influence.  Remember Anna and the King of Siam?

Thus far--Japan, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand--tipping is not necessary.  According to Trip Advisor, massage ladies in Thailand are about the only people to be tipped, maybe 100 Baht (less than $3).

My postings seem to regularly complain about air pollution and such, but the fact of the matter is that Mother Nature has treated me well.   I have eluded typhoons, and while the weather has been hot, the rains have been only intermittent.  

I must give especial thanks to my body for keeping me healthy.  On global journeys, this is more important than anything else.  Keep up the good work, bod, only 45 days left.
So far, in the Orient, passing through customs and immigration has been a breeze.  Probably, being a Japanese-American helped.  However, in every airport thus far, with perhaps Bangkok (Thailand is 6% Muslim) being the exception, Muslim travelers seem to be having a tough time. It might be wise to avoid standing in line behind a group of Muslims.  My next two stops are Dubai (60% Muslims) and Turkey (98%).  I wonder if such clear discrimination is reversed in those countries?

Air pollution in Singapore continues to hover near 200:

Central, Singapore AQICentral, Singapore Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). 
Updated on Tuesday 10:00
Temp: 29°C
(27°C – 31°C)


Bangkok AQIBangkok Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). 
Updated on Tuesday 8:00
Temp: 29°C


Honolulu, Hawaii AQIHonolulu, Hawaii Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). 
Updated on Monday 16:00
Primary pollutant: pm10

Wow!  I've never seen anything that low.

My stop after Bangkok...Dubai...oh, oh:

Zabeel Park AQIZabeel Park Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). 
Very Unhealthy
Updated on Tuesday 5:00
Temp: 33°C

Only recently has Dubai begun to look into this problem.  Next, Istanbul:

Istanbul (Besiktas) AQIIstanbul (Besiktas) Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). 
Updated on Tuesday 5:00
Temp: 18°C
Want to find your Air Quality Index?  Click on that.  Indonesia, the source of the Singapore problem:

Updated on Tuesday 8:00
Palangka Raya, Indonesia PM10 (respirable particulate matter)  measured by BMKG | Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika.
Values are converted to the US EPA AQI standard.844
Palangka Raya, Indonesia  t (temp)  measured by Weather Underground.24
Palangka Raya, Indonesia  p (pressure)  measured by Weather Underground.1020

The highest I could find is Solling-sud, Germany:

Solling-süd AQISolling-süd Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). 
Updated on Tuesday 4:00
Temp: 12°C

I'll get to that when I reach Frankfurt.  For now, sawasdee (hello or goodbye) from Thailand.

Hurricane Oho should not affect Hawaii:

Here are all the models:


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