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Saturday, October 31, 2015

GAWA Day #45: Valhalla and the Parthenon

There is the Walhalla Memorial on a hill close to Regensburg.  Named after Valhalla of Norse mythology, the structure was built by King Ludwig I of Bavaria to bring the nation together.  So the 447 BC Parthenon of Athens was copied from 1830 to 1842 to house, now, 130 busts (plus 65 plaques of those no one knew how they looked) of eminent German-speaking individuals of the past two millennia.  Initially, Ludwig I picked the honorees, but now it is a committee, and you need to be dead 20 years to be considered.  Consider, however, that even Felix Mendelssohn of Italian fame has not yet been approved.

If you walk up from the front, that would be a real challenge.  You can see only a portion here.  However, the bus parks in the back, and the climb up is tolerable.

Included are Charlemagne (plaque--but here is a painting to the right--a pious Catholic who once beheaded 4000 Saxons on one day, and his 46 year reign ended the Roman Empire), Beethoven, Erasmus, Goethe, Gutenberg, Handel, Haydn, Catherine the Great of Russia, Kepler, Copernicus, Mozart, Rubens, Martin Luther, Bismarck, Wagner, Bach,  Shubert, Richard Strauss, Albert Einstein, Konrad Adenauer, Brahms.  Also, of the 12 women, Sophie Scholl, a 20-year old activist student who was killed by the Nazis, and my all-time favorite heroine, Maria Theresa.

Ludwig is also prominently placed here (abovelong after he passed away), and a second and more recognized reason why he is famous is that the celebration of his marriage in 1810 started Octoberfest in Munich.

Today it was Singapore noodles cooked in front of you in the Bistro.  The #3 chef was new at this so after I tried his first offering, I instructed him in a second try not to add so much sauce and only par-fry the vegetables.  For me he also replaced the shrimp with sausage and I got rice instead of those tough to chew dried rice noodles.  Mind you, the rice was similar to Uncle Ben's, but the still too much sauce took care of that problem:

A German beer made this another international event.  I never did tell him that I had never cooked Singapore noodles before, and maybe never even heard of it.

There is an eleven hour time difference between Hawaii and most of Europe.  Thus, as I get ready to post a blog, when it is early morning in Honolulu, it is late in the afternoon here.  Today, for the first time I just stood at my cabin window and gazed outside, for it is fashionable, and much healthier, these days not to sit and relax. Actually, there is a 20 inch or so shelf area I can lean over and rest myself, for just standing is more difficult than walking.  As these photos can take an hour to download, just waiting for this picture to appear, I took ten photos at water level, and they all looked about the same, so I'll spare you the redundancy with only one:

I should add that this now the peak of Fall colors, for there are a lot of fallen leaves.  Two weeks from now it could well be somewhat barren.

Tomorrow I will say a few things interesting things about Germany, for more than half the cruise is over their territory, and provide some details about the Main-Danube Canal, which linked the two rivers only in 1992.    Interestingly enough, both Charlemagne and King Ludwig I were the first to do something about the latter.  Here is an interesting tidbit, for example, about Germany.

  • In the USA we separate church and state, mostly.  
  • In Germany, you will pay 8-9% of your income tax to the church of your choice.  
  • However, if you can prove you're agnostic, you keep that 8-9% for yourself.  Wonder why there so many agnostics in Germany?
Tropical Cyclone Chapala is at 135 MPH but weakening, and should soon crash into Yemen:


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