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Saturday, October 17, 2015

GAWA Day #32B My Best Authentic Italian Meal Ever

I've been through Italy several times, and my white truffles risotto dish (right) in Rome five years ago remains as the best one entre ever.  La Terrazza del'Eden now has one Michelin star.  However, last night I went around the corner from the Four Points Sheraton in Milan to Il Javolino, and experienced a memorable authentic Italian meal.  

I had a table at the intersection of their grill, the pizza oven and the pathway of waiters and seemed to be in the middle of everything.  I think they added this table to accommodate me, for the restaurant was filled.  Here are the grill and oven:

I ordered with a salad an Osso Buco over Risotto Milano, a rice dish of parmesan, butter and saffron.  I asked if they could add a slice of raw onion and six basil leaves, and that combo is on the dish to the right:

I also ordered a Prosecco and rose wine.  Why not red?  Because I don't understand Italian and thought vino rosato was red.  The only other option for a half-bottle was a white wine.  The enhancement to the risotto made the meal exceptional, which was accepted with admirable grace.  The marrow was heavenly.

The lady on the next table ordered a cutlet, and the size deserved a photo:

I ended with a cappuccino:

The above meal cost just around $60.

Next, day two of the Milan World Expo.


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