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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Why is a mystery to me, but my readership increases when I post on my doings at 15 Craigside.  Thus, anytime you see 15C in the title, that means there will be something related to my activities here.   I'm actually a day late, for I had to post American's Got Talent yesterday.

First, Pearl's Sunburst began blooming several days ago, so I placed the pot in the 12th floor elevator foyer.  Yesterday the flower attained full bloom:

Here is the photo on the back cover of SIMPLE SOLUTION ESSAYS:

I went for a quick bento lunch at Magic Island, where the waves were at a summer high, double the height of the surfers:

Then off for some golf at the Ala Wai Golf Course, where I took the following photo:

There is a plaque in front of that Gold Tree, with Diamond Head in the far background.  There are around 20 of these trees now scattered throughout the course.

On the way to our 15C dining room, I said hi to Jo Ann, who is the friendliest reception in the whole wide world.

Like many of our staffers here, she came from Aloha Airlines.  Then, as I entered our cafeteria (yes, it is not quite a dining room yet) I took a photo of Fred (of Sarento's fame) and Lily.

Lily is the mother of Ed Ing, who was General Counsel for U.S Senator Spark Matsunaga when we worked together and shared the same office section a third of a century ago.

Our Monday Night Dinner Table drink of the week was a Mexican mojito.  Our personal bartender is Dexter, who went through all the motions of muddling the mint.  I was requested to bring two bottles of light rum:

I didn't know much about mojitos, so looked up the subject on Wikipedia, and noted that the Cuban version uses rum, but the Mexican mojito should use tequila.  We now have a wireless speaker playing music from my iPhone, and tonight we had Mexican music.  I guess I should have brought Cuban tunes, but I'm not sure anyone on the table would appreciate the difference, especially as we now have it so soft.  Last week an adjacent table complained that we were playing our patriotic songs (it was, after all, Memorial Day) too loud.  At least we haven't been kicked out of the room yet.  

For dessert, Emily and Dexter brought the peelable version of the Chinese stickey rice cake:

In the background to the left is a table which benefited from four glasses of our mojitos.  We complained that they were laughing too loudly. 

Sam Fujii (above with Cookie of 15C) of our table this past Saturday was honored with the French Legion of Honor for his service in the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team (no, that bottle of Haleiwa Sochu is not the medal), and Minoru Tamashiro, also on our table, should be one of the next awardees.  Here are Polly and Mino to the left.  I might add I was once in the 442, but that was during the Vietnam War.

My evening then ended at the 15C poker table.  Another great day in 15C.

Hurricane Andre was the strongest storm in this part of the Pacific ever, for the month of May.  Today, Hurricane Blanca is at 130 MPH and over the next day could strengthen into a Category 5, then, by the weekend weaken and threaten Baja:

As I said yesterday, this kind of activity so early in the season can only be taken as ominous.


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