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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Every so often everyone splurges on something.  As you might know, I recently had a bathtub installed, so went to Williams-Sonoma to consider purchasing a couple of bubblebath liquids and, perhaps, bath salts.  The store at the Ala Moana shopping center has essentially moved around the block in the Nordstrom direction.  No one on any kind of budget enters this store, for items are double and triple what they might cost at Wal-mart or the equivalent...for essentially the same product.

But how many years do I have, so why not truly enjoy my future baths?  This is like fine wines.  I can't really tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines, but one tend to appreciate the latter more because they cost so much more.

While in W-S I happened to walk past some exorbitantly priced olive oils and basalmic vinegars.  I don't ever remember paying more than $5 for either, but, in the spirit of maximizing pleasure, went to the extreme.  I remembered 15C's lunch was Italian, so stopped by Fujioka's (a decade ago was purchased by Times Supermarket) and bought a bottle of Barolo.  When I returned, I requested a take-out of spaghetti and meatballs, plus a mixed salad, to be picked up later in the day, where they charge $1.50 for this privilege.

Can you guess which bottle cost $1.50, $3, $30 or $60?

From the left, the truffle oil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil each cost $30, while the Barolo was $60, but "only" $46 on sale at Fujioka's.  My dinner:

The noodles were not the proper al dente, but what can you expect when I had to microwave the pasta.  I might add that Chef Kyle here makes a very decent spaghetti sauce, and the meatballs were nicely small.  Note the basil leaves, for they come from my basil, mint and arugula lanai garden:

Thus, was this a cheap $1.50 meal, or, a very expensive $137.50 spaghetti meal?  Probably the former, for the truffle oil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar will last me a very long time for dozens of lanai meals.  The Barolo was excellent, and I will tonight bring it to my Thursday night dinner table tonight.

I've now been here at 15C for a year and did not realize my apartment was just above my parking spot.

There was also the beginning of a sunset as I dined.

SPECIAL JAWS ALERT:  Beginning at 4PM Hawaii time, AMC will show the four versions of Jaws, beginning with the original and ending with Jaws:  The Revenge.  AMC has commercials, so, clearly, should you have a recorder...

Hurricane Blanca is now at 110 MPH, should strengthen into a Category 3, but then weaken before striking Baha on Monday:

Former Hurricane Andres has now weakened to 40 MPH, but, curiously is backtracking in a south easternly direction.


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