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Friday, June 5, 2015


From the Washington Post:

Transgender issues always have a way of making social conservatives very, very uncomfortable, but as the Post story makes clear, their befuddledness and lack of grace dealing with Jenner’s public transition is really something. As the Post puts it, Jenner’s transition is weighted with symbolism for them, in a bad way: “To them, the widespread acceptance of Jenner’s evolution from an Olympic gold medalist whose masculinity was enshrined on a Wheaties box to a shapely woman posing suggestively on the cover of Vanity Fair was a reminder that they are losing the culture wars.”

From Bruce to Caitlyn, there was an Olympic Gold Medal for the decathlon, then three marriages, the third to Kris Kardashian, mother of Courtney, Kim, Kloe and Rob.  Bruce was a Christian conservative and Republican.  Not sure about Caitlyn.

Coming soon, FIBANSERIN, a drug to increase the sexual desire in women.  It looks almost exactly like my high blood pressure pill:

By a vote of 18-6, the advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration approved this female equivalent to VIAGRA.  Well, early reports indicate that the effect is mild, with potentially serious side effects.  The campaign for fibanserin is a classic case of industry prevailing over government with intense lobbying.    The theme created by Sprout Pharmaceuticals (co-founder Cindy Whitehead below) was Even the Score.

How modest is the expectation?

The women who took part were having an average of two to three of what they defined as “sexually satisfying events” per month when the studies began. Once they started taking the drug, the number of such events increased, but by only about one event per month more than for women in the trial who got a placebo.

By the way, have you noticed the new seductress of Viagra?  That's 47-year old Kelly Hu from Hawaii.  how can she be that old.  Well, she was Miss Teen USA 1985 and Miss Hawaii USA 1993.

Incidentally, the final girl I dated before I left for Stanford more than half a century ago became a Miss Teen Hawaii.  And the other two became finalists for Cherry Blossom Queen.  I wonder if I should contact them?  They did say to let them know when I returned to Hawaii.  Of course that was 57 years ago.  Stay tuned for further developments.

Hurricane Blanca is weakening, now only at 95 MPH, and expected to affect Baha by late Sunday night:


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