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Saturday, June 13, 2015


I've spent the past seven plus years now pontificating on this daily blog and The Huffington Post.  Is anyone listening to me? Mostly no, but a few developments keep me going, even though I know that I personally had little to do with these promising transitions.

For example, I keep providing solutions to world leaders.  Not one has even bothered to respond.  Let me use as a glaring example my early efforts with The Huffington Post:

  • Way back in May 2008 I posted on Well, Barack, We have a Problem...  Mind you, this was in the heat of the Democratic nomination in his campaign against Hillary.  I proposed to future President Barack Obama that he go to his first G8 (yes, Russia had not yet been kicked out) Summit and announce his 10% Peace Solution.  If he had taken that step, the world would today be spending only a fraction what we now do on war, and instead apply those funds toward better schools, global warming remediation, restoring infrastructure, and dream on.  I ended with:  Ah, what a great country. Where else can a former public McKinley High School student provide advice to a Punahou graduate?    You need to live in Hawaii to appreciate this statement.
"Nearly two scores ago, the Group of Seven was originally created to lead the way towards world peace. Humanity today is faced with peak oil, global warming, a metastable economy and a range of wars that, if not immediately and effectively addressed by our Group, will result in a mega depression, compounded by environmental despair and armed warfare that will get out of control. I hereby today would like to announce that China will reduce our defense budget by 10% next year, and continue to do so annually into the foreseeable future. The funds saved will be placed in an international fund to be managed by this Group of 12, but only if every country joins China in advancing the cause of Peace and Prosperity."

I actually was taking a chance on posting this message because I was traveling through China at the time.  There are kernels of sarcasm within the article that some high level official could have taken umbrage over.  They knew where I was at all times because you practically need to register your presence wherever you are in that country.  I trepidatiously approached customs on my way out of the country, almost expecting to be questioned, as I was in India.  Then, I had posted on India Sucks," one of my most popular efforts, which garnered more than 50 comments in this blog.
Finally, though, the State of California is doing what I suggested in my recent blogs about their drought problem.  Read the Same Simple Solutions for California's Worst Drought in 1200 Years.  Basically, farmers and utilities use 90% of the water in that state and the latter group pays about 10% what the residents do.  Government went after the people instead of farmers.  Why?  Because ancient laws protected farmers.  Finally, finally, slowly, but steps are being taken to check farmers.  Remember that if a group using 90% of the resource reduces consumption by 10%, that almost doubles the amount available for the 10% minority. like the homes and industry of California.

I should indicate that Hurricane Carlos appeared in the East Pacific.  

Cruise ship schedules are being compromised because of all these ocean storms:  Carlos seems headed into the Gulf of California.


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