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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Well, Solar Impulse 2 again postponed its flight to Hawaii.  If you recall, pilot Andre Borschberg began his mission from Nanjing to Hawaii  at the end of May, the toughest leg of their world journey, and fortuitously was able to make an emergency landing in Nagoya, Japan.  The next takeoff will have no fail-safe option.  Frankly, our weather here has been fabulous this year, and save for a hurricane or two or more later this summer, should be great into the foreseeable future.  Apparently, though, there are certain anomalies west and north of our state that remain threatening.  I can only hope that they did a thorough job of researching this region, for there have been no approaching weather patterns from that area of any concern for a couple of months now, and it will only get worse.

So while I await the arrival of the solar plane, here are a few of my recent meals.  I hate to say this, but I just had my best Japanese-American fusion brunch ever.  I grilled my final piece of Miyazaki wagyu beef ($79/pound) on my lanai and had it with eggs over easy over the #1 rice (from Niigata), home-made tsukemono and a few libations:

Kirin beer, something called Cardinal Cuvee (a Stanford University Collector's Reserve Meritage) and a gold medal Junmai Daiginjo sake.

For lunch the next day I bought a huli-huli chicken bento from Hawaii's Favorite Kitchens (to the right is Rainbow Drive-In), which is a new add-on to RDI, an interesting concept, actually, bringing together dishes from other food specialties such as Poke Stop and Hoku BBQ Chicken.  But that chicken, just grilled in the parking lot of RDI, was humongous:

It was so large that the bento box could not adequately close.  Try eating this in your car at Diamond Head Lookout.  Or, rather, don't, as the inside of my vehicle will never be the same.  I finally was forced to place the bento on my lap and grab what you see there with my hands.  The 1/4 chicken meal was $7 and 1/2 chicken meal $8, so what idiot would get the 1/4 chicken bento?  All other complaints aside, this was a truly tasty huli-huli chicken.

Our Monday Night Table at 15 Craigside this week featured Old Fashioneds, with soybeans, sushi, poke and kalua pig/cabbage:

We finished a whole bottle of Crown Royal Deluxe Canadian whiskey.  Next week, Tom Collins.  There are 25 variations, all with Collins in the name.


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