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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Wikipedia lists more than a thousand controversial issues. has a nice assortment.  If you narrow the choice to, say, 10, it depends on who comes up with the list.  For example, GrammarCheck has abortion as #10, with a nice graphic:

#9 is capital punishment:

  • #8  animal testing
  • #7  genetic cloning
  • #6  human trafficking
  • #5  ethnic adoption
  • #4  plastic surgery (the photo shown caught my attention)
  • #3  pharmaceutical industry
  • #2  the right to die (I thought that the following graphic was revealing):
  • #1  immigration
Immigration as the most controversial?  Best as I can tell, this is just one person providing his opinion.  Where is religion?  Global warming?  Same sex marriage?  Marijuana?  Obama?  I am, similarly, an individual, and while I have of course posted on a few of GrammarCheck's list, as for example, human cloning, some of my issues are more universal, while others are almost trivial.  Over the next week I'll touch on the relevance of libraries, maybe another foray into "three strikes and you're dead," our obsolete Constitution and gun rights, and as tomorrow is Sunday, let me start with:  IN THE BEGINNING, MAN CREATED GOD.

There is a disturbance south and west of the Big Island.  One projection shows a path towards Hawaii:


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