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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is a watershed week for Planet Earth and Humanity.  I will finally, this week, report on the solution to death.  Mind you, I haven't written it yet, and have little clue at this point as to any kind of simple solution.  Two weeks ago I touched on Heaven as a prelude.  Today, a few updates on recent postings:

  • Yesterday, I identified the three first party songs of all-time (you can read it at the end of this article).  At the extreme other end of the happiness spectrum, it was today, in 1957, that "The night music died."  On a flight from Fargo, ND to Moorehead, Minnesota, a plane carrying Charles Holly, Jiles Richardson and Richard Valenzuela crashed.  Gone were 22-year old Buddy Holly, 28-year old Big Bopper and 17-year old Ritchie Valens.  Valens already had three hits:  La BambaDonna (tribute to his high school sweetheart) and Come on Let's Go, and he wrote the latter two.  Holly had a lot more hits, including That'll Be the DayPeggy Sue and Maybe Baby, all which  he wrote.  The Big Bopper is known for Chantilly Lace, a song he wrote.

    • The perpetrator of the Air Nuts scandel, Cho Hyun-ah, could well today be sentenced to three years in jail.  There is something about South Korea.  They nail people at the top.  It was two decades ago that I had dinner with former president, Chun Doo-hwan, and a few weeks later he was sentenced to death.  He was later pardoned.
    • About those "disturbing" NCAA allegations condemning the University of Hawaii basketball team I reported on two days ago.  Here is a more recent newspaper quote:  The most flagrant: Assistant coach Brandyn Akana providing former star forward Isaac Fotu with an iPad,  NCAA schools across the country must be convulsed with disbelief and giggles.  If that is THE WORST example of cheating, there must be copious tears of laughter emanating from those school that find a legal way to provide cars, payments to families and other more flagrant examples of allowable crimes tolerated by the NCAA.  School districts around the country are doing everything possible to provide an iPad to every student.  Boy, are their athletes in trouble!!!  Yes, it was supremely dumb for Coach Akana to not find a safer way to allow Fotu to pass his courses.  But Akana probably was not aware that you can't give any athlete any technological edge to compete in the classroom.  I find this all so amazing.  Something horrible has become of what is right and sensible.

    While I continue to work on my death/Heaven revelation, tomorrow I will provide an update on #3, SETI.  But before the week is over, my ultimate posting on death and Heaven.


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