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Friday, February 20, 2015


On Monday, I posted on the state of geothermal energy development.  Well, today, Renewable Energy World pretty much repeated what I said, but added some new information worthy of inclusion today.  In particular, here is an excellent graphic comparison of world production:

The white bar represents only announced future capacity, wile the line above are merely goals.  In any case:

  • There is reason to believe that Indonesia (above) could well shoot past the USA in total geothermal electricity generated as soon as this year.
  • Kenya is the country with the most ambitious plans.
  • The Philippines also shows bullish growth.

In the USA, California represents a real world example of why geothermal has the potential to make major gains.  Governor Jerry Brown recently proposed 50% renewable energy for his state in the Year 2030.  They understand that solar and wind are only intermittent sources.  Geothermal is an ideal baseload option to balance the grid.

In the Salton Sea area in Southern California, developers are dreaming over, perhaps, 3,000 MW of geothermal capacity:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke an all-time high, surging 155 to 18,140.  The upbeat news emanated from across the Atlantic, where Greece and Eurozone creditors reached an extension agreement on a debt deal.


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