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Saturday, February 7, 2015


This Gold Tree is blooming throughout Honolulu.  I always thought the season began in March, and, sometimes during the summer, too, but, apparently, this is the prime time.

From 15 Craigside, here is Poker Commissioner Henry working on his puzzle, with a Gold Tree in the far background:

Of course, rainbows regularly visit us too.  Next to my parking area at 15 Craigside:

On campus, the Gold Tree has turned gold next to my office:

Also by the Law School:

There are a couple more by Hamilton Library, and here is a plaque with the scientific name of the Gold Tree on one of them:

Further down University Avenue:

Someday there will be 25 trees, each, turning yellow at the Ala Wai Golf Course, Makalena Golf Course and Hilo Municipal Golf Course.  Planting ceremonies were held in Hilo on 22May2014 and Ala Wai on 5January2015.

Here is a photo of Pearl and a Gold Tree taken at least a third of a century ago:


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