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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Did you know you have white fat and brown fat?    
  • Well, they are medically referred to as white adipose and brown adipose, but the former is yellowish and the latter is pinkish to red, the color coming from something called mitochondria, a cell's energy factory.
  • White fat is bad while brown fat is good.
  • White fat cells store energy, while brown can produce heat, or is otherwise used by the body.
  • When you eat too much, your body hoards as white fat.  The early reality is that this kept cavemen alive longer, and was once good.  The problem is that we do not today have their lifestyle, with virtually unlimited access to all the food we can have, so the result is a society veering towards morbid obesity.  The recent hot Paleo Diet might tangentially be related to this posting.
  • White fat causes type 2 diabetes and all kinds of inflammatory problems in the body.
  • A shift towards more brown fat induces lower glucose and insulin levels in mice.
  • Babies have the good fat, while adults have mostly the bad one.
As you can't reverse your age, is there another way to gain more brown fat, or, more accurately, brown adipose tissue (BAT)?  YES!!!  
  • EXERCISE!  Something to do with muscles creating a newly discovered hormone, irisin, which increases the formation of BAT.
  • COLD!!!   Cold exposure clears triglycerides, adds BAT, reduces obesity, increases bone density and lowers the fat in your liver.  How do you get cold (the temperature, not the virus)?
    • Live in a colder environment.  Hmmm...maybe air conditioning might be worth it after all.
    • Dip yourself in cold water.  Watch it, though, you don't want to end up shivering too much, and do this with judgement and reasonable comfort.
    • People living in cold climates need to go outdoors.  It seems that most remain in heated rooms, which is bad.  A term used is:  acute exposure activates, chronic exposure creates BAT.
  • Want to eat brown fat?  This could become a diet food of the future.  I wonder if wagyu beef from Japan has more brown fat???  I would think not because I've barbecued the very best Matsuzaka beef, at 25% fat, and the flesh was almost pure white, not pinkish or reddish.
  • Talk about cold, in the UK, they are now freezing off fat.
Finally, this past week I posted on "Is this Finally a New Beginning for Global Warming Control?"  Well, White House senior counselor John Podesta said something that probably explains why the Republican / Conservative presidential contenders remained mostly mute:

If you're a climate denier trying to run nationally, I think you're going to have a very long row to hoe getting elected president in 2016.


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