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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Forty years ago I taught a course entitled "Technology and Society" at the University of Hawaii.  The last question on the exam asked the student to spend no more than five minutes to explain  how three topics were related.  I picked three subjects related to the course that I myself could not logically connect.  Just about every student amazed me by creating answers that still give me hope for the future.

So today, I ask you to write a paragraph linking:
  • Obamacare:  By the way, the Commonwealth Fund recently reported that even though the U.S. spent twice the amount of money/person on healthcare than 10 other industrialized nations, we ranked last in quality of care.  However, the Affordable Care Act was cited as the hope for the country.  The United Kingdom was #1.  Here are the gory details (click on it to see the details):
  • Chikungunya:  About a decade ago I was invited to an energy conference in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.  I arrived when this mosquito-borne disease was rampant.  You can read this horrible experience by clicking on CHIKUNGUNYA.  Well, this painful ailment just came to America:
  • Unagi:  In Japan, this eel is a semi-expensive delicacy, and is becoming endangered.  They have trouble farming this fish, but China is now the dominant producer anyway.

Now, send me your paragraph.


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