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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Nearly two years ago I posted on:  IS THIS, FINALLY, THE END OF DENTAL CAVITIES?  Essentially, the "cure" was a duo of more effective mouthwashes.  There are now two more remedies coming.

The first procedure is being developed by Harvard using a low-power light to trigger dental stem cells to repair teeth by forming dentin, the layer of your tooth that rests between the enamel and pulp.  David Mooney (right) is leading this team.  No indication of commercial availability was provided.

The second bit of good news is of an electronic process announced by Reminova Ltd., a spinoff of King's College London, to also painlessly repair your teeth.  The foundation is, effectively, being laid not only for restorative dentistry, but regenerative medicine to treat wounds and fix broken bones.   Professor Nigel Pitts is co-founder and Chairman.

What happens is that bacteria in your saliva chemically converts the food you eat, especially sugars, into acids, which dissolve key minerals in your enamel.  While I thought everyone had these harmful germs, there must be some differences in your mouth ecosystem, for it is reported that kissing can transfer these bacteria.  This new technique restores the lost minerals (mainly calcium and phosphate), particularly where cavities are forming.

Is there a difference between caries and cavities?  They're interchangeable, but if you want to be picky, the term "caries" is the name of the disease that causes tooth decay, resulting in cavities.  

In any case, this should be the end of drilling and filling.  No injections, no pain.  Reminova indicated that the technique, called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation, will be brought to market in two years.  However, my first posting on this subject also indicated that the mouthwash product was supposed to have been commercialized by now, and I haven't yet seen any ads.



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