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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Two highly rated sequels opened this weekend #1 and #2 at the box office:  22 Jump Street earned $60 million, while How to Train Your Dragon 2 got $50 million.

                                                                          Rotten Tomatoes
                                                                     Reviewers    Audience
  • 21 Jump Street   (2012)                          85%             82%
  • 22 Jump Street                                       83%             90%
I normally might attend a Jump Street type movie only under extenuating circumstances.  I skipped, for example, the 21 version, when Jonah Hill was 28 and Channing Tatum was 32, and they played undercover agents in a high school. Ridiculous.  Now in 22 they play undercover in college, still kind of ridiculous, but it seems that most of these college students looked kind of old.

I thought this film was only okay, but in the Titan X auditorium the attendance was pathetically low.  Cheap laughs, poor transitions, with the ending credits showing Hill and Tatum in medical school as 23 Jump Street, and somewhere close to 40 Jump Street when they're in a retirement home, with even an eventual 41 Jump Street, but all this was mostly tongue-in-cheek.  Heck, with the bucks this sequel will make, there will absolutely be more.

21 Jump Street was, of course, a TV series between 1987 and 1991, where Johnny Depp was a regular, and Josh Brolin, Christina Applegate, Thomas Hadden Church, Vince Vaughn, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and Brad Pitt (left) made at least one appearance.  To be complete, the title is just the address of the undercover office.

Under almost no circumstances do I anymore go to an animated film.  I feel subconscious as the only adult in the theater without a child or two or more.  Yet, as I was born in the Year of the Dragon, I took the plunge, and yes, there were a lot of the very young generation.  Even the three previews were animated.  For the record, you won't see them, but the dragon film voices included Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, JONAH HILL and Kristen Wiig.  Note that only the good people have a Bob Hope nose profile.

I fell asleep a couple of times and there wasn't any training of dragons.  This is a film of Vikings, bewilderbeasts and dragons.  What is a bewilderbeast?

It is a godzilla type and size monster dragon that can control minds, but not fly.  Kind of reminded me of the auroch from Beasts of the Southern Wild, here with Hushpuppy, played by  Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest actress ever to be nominated for Best Actress:

If you dug deep, you could have squeezed out a morality tale of war and peace.  No great surprise, but there will be a Dragons 3.

I might add that I had a Buca (there are 92 Buca di Beppos in the USA) meal before the movies, with a quarto of Prosecco:


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