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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The taking of photos in the 15 Craigside dining room is highly discouraged.  I think it has something to do with privacy.  No matter, for the three best meals I've eaten here were the ones I cooked myself on my lanai, where the view is better.

Last week I had an excellent rib eye, accompanied by a piece of foie gras, with truffle oil, served with a 2007 Mauritson Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma:

A couple of nights ago I dined on an asparagus salad, salmon caviar, truffle pate and castello blue cheese, with  four Russian vodkas and a glass of beer:

For lunch yesterday, I got a corn beef/cabbage and shoyu pork bento with a can of Asahi Dry and went to Magic Island, sitting under a coconut tree, with a view of Diamond Head and surfers:

There were four weddings I could see:

Notice that rainbow mural on the side of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Tower?  There was a re-dedication ceremony today for the $12 million, 31-story facelift.  First unveiled in 1968 as a work of art by Millard Sheets, it is listed by Guiness as the tallest mosaic.  By 2003, more than 100 of those pieces were defective, so nearly a decade later the restoration process finally replaced all 16,000 tiles.

Then last night, I gave some thought to the following bluefin tuna from Marukai:

Yes, $60 per pound!!!  And it's farmed in Mexico.  So  I passed and went to Tamashiro for a $21/pound premium grade yellowfin tuna, or ahi: 

I also picked up a piece of striped marlin, or nairagi:

My meal of ahi sashimi and fried nairagi with rice over cabbage was most satisfying:

I had a chilled 2007 Edna Valley Paragon Chardonnay and heated 300 ml bottle of Hakutsuru draft sake.  I sacrificed the shoyu chicken, beef noodle soup and cherry pie at the 15 Craigside dining room.  I've pretty much made a decision to eat what I want, anywhere I want, even though I forfeit up to $25 for every meal I miss here.

I might add that 15 Craigside does provide more activities then a major resort, for we were entertained by the Royal Hawaiian Band:

The conductor is Clark Bright, who in his university years worked at the Hawaii Natural Energy Insitute, which I directed.  I chatted with him for a few minutes, and he did say we trained him well.


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