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Saturday, June 14, 2014


I've been wondering when I would get around to attending the King Kamehameha Day ceremony where his statue is draped with leis.  I actually walked to the event, but it' was mostly downhill.  Here is the before shot:

If you enlarge this second photo, you can see the darling of the day to the right:

Bandmaster Clark Bright, leading the Royal Hawaiian Band on Kamehameha March, followed by Kamehameha Waltz:

Clark worked for the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute when he was a student at the University of Hawaii.  We trained him well.  Do you realize that the Royal Hawaiian Band is the oldest and ONLY full-time municipal band in the USA?  They come to 15 Craigside a couple of times a year.

The draping itself is a lot more dangerous than I imagined.  Note the spear next the fireman's face:

Amazingly enough, I walked home, mostly uphill.

If you have a chance, go to this portion of Queen Kapiolani Park, located towards the Mauka/Diamond Head side of the Honolulu Zoo, for the blooming of this beautiful gold-colored tree:


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