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Monday, March 10, 2014


Condominiums sold for the highest monthly average price ever in Honolulu last month.  If nothing terrible happens to the economy, this surge should continue for a few more years.  According to the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization, the median price of a home on Oahu is expected to rise to $715,000 this year and jump to $875,000 in 2016.  Thus, now is the time to invest your money, especially if you're seeking a place to live.  Oh, the 30-year mortgage last week slipped to 4.28%.

There are twin towers at Craigside.  In the other building closer to Pali Highway (thus, there is traffic noise), there is a penthouse on sale for $9.8 million.  Yes, it's fabulous, but ten times more expensive than my penthouse?  Mine can be had for $890,000 today, but will rise to $950,000 next month when I move out and re-paint/re-floor the apartment.  For the investor, the rental market is high:

My final open house in my presence is Sunday (March16) afternoon.  Call or leave a message at 808 523 3560 if interested.  

It was in September of last year when I boasted that Craigside is Close to Heaven.  

Rainbows are prominent and the sunsets are spectacular.  I then had no idea that I was going to move.  In December, after I had committed to 15 Craigside next door, I watched a one hour rainbow from my bed when I one morning woke up:

So if you want to regularly enjoy a protected view of double rainbows and grand sunsets forever from what I call Heaven on Earth, well, this is your opportunity.  You can dream about Grand Penthouses, but if you want an affordable one, see you Sunday afternoon.


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